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Wolfhorn Village is a small tribal settlement found north of the Burned Bulls Camp.


Wolfhorn Ranch was a small ranch for breeding bighorners, formerly owned by Ulysses. The ranch is abandoned upon arrival of the Courier, but provides for water and shelter.


After The Fall, Wolfhorn Ranch seems to have been taken over by Tribals, having its name changed to Wolfhorn Village.

While allready before The Fall, no live stock existed on the ranch, even those few crops that were left to pick fell victim to the failing water supply, which the Tribals seem to lack the means or interest to repair.

With the old Farmhouse still intact, and located directly at the junction of two passageways of the Mojave, the village could certainly profit from regular visitors and caravans passing by, but the Tribals, while not actively enganging in unprovoked hostilities, do no tolerate strangers setting food on their ground.