"The Cloud Victims of Vegas hold a greater hatred for the NCR than any others in the Mojave."
—Loading Screen
Westside is a district in New Vegas, located immediately west of The Strip.


Background Edit

Like those of Freeside and the Strip, the residents of Westside were abandoned by the NCR during the fall. The combination of residual radiation and the Cloud flayed and ghoulified most of the residents, driving them insane with rage over the injustice that had been perpetrated against them. With nowhere else to go, the denizens of Westside have remained, trying in vain to carry on with their lives despite what has befallen them.

Overview Edit

Westside is still largely intact save for it's agricultural sector. The residents still organize guards around the west and south entrances to ward off any tribals or survivors who might come near. The district's cloud victim population are fairly well armed and mostly hostile so caution should be exercised.

Areas of Interest Edit

Marco's Pawn Shop is sparsely populated and contains a good amount of loot, including weapons and armor.

The Casa Madrid and Klamath Bob's liquor store are both good sources for alcohol and chems,

There is some food remaining at the Westside co-op.

Trivia Edit

Some of the cloud victims are non-hostile and can be spoken to.

Somewhat disturbingly, orgasmic noises can still be heard in the Casa Madrid.