The variety of weapons and apparel have been greatly increased. While there are a few completely new models for the home-made weapons, most of these are repurposed Unique and DLC items. There are perfectly good weapon and clothing models in the game files that are only used by one NPC in one DLC. I found that to be kind of a waste, edited the stats a bit, and threw them into the levelled lists. I've also thrown some weapon modifications into the levelled lists since they can't be bought anymore. These are very rare, though. Most weapons and apparel you come across will be in terrible condition. Be aware though- your carry weight has been drastically reduced, so you won't be able to carry around an arsenal with you at all times. One or two guns, maybe a melee too if you've got light armor. Wearing no armor at all (just regular clothing) actually has an advantage now, since it weighs so little.