Victor was a PDQ-88b Robco Securitron known to reside in Goodsprings as of 2281. Despite disappearing shortly before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, many Mojave residents report encountering and, more often than not, being assaulted by Victor

Vital statistics
Position Agent of the Free Economic Zone of New Vegas (formerly) Hallucination (?)
Age Approximately 233
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Roughly 7 feet

Background Edit

Victor, despite being mistrusted by those around him, maintained a affable "cowpoke" demeanor with all those he encountered. During a routine patrol within the borders of Goodsprings, Victor discovered a traveler who had been shot in the head and buried in a shallow grave. Perhaps acting on pragmatic artificial intelligence or a genuine and accrued sense of humanity, Victor recovered the victim and carried their body to the local doctor who was able to bring them back from the brink of death. Due to disturbances on the strip prior to the Legion attack on Hoover Dam, Victor was allegedly taken offline sometime in 2281. Despite this, some survivors report having met Victor in his dilapidated shack located in the ruins of Goodsprings, thought almost all of these reported encounters involve the subject being punched in the forehead and waking up shortly thereafter, usually in a shallow, incomplete grave in the middle of nowhere. Followers doctors in NCR territory have noted that Mojave expatriates who have reported this encounter often speak in a tortured Texan affectation and use cliche phrases from pre-war westerns, giving credence to the notion that their encounter with Victor was the product of pure suggestion.