Vault 74
Witness to a massacre
Vital statistics
Type Vault-Tec Facility
Level 0: Safe Zone
Location The Divide
Inhabitants None
"The Vault has been breached. Painted demons; red faces, tangled hair. Fire in the lower levels.

God have mercy on our souls." —Data Log #10.44.78

Vault 74 is a ruined Vault-Tec Vault located in the vicinity of Hopeville, commonly known as the Divide.

History Edit

Vault 74 was designed to study the conditions of a Vault with a secondary exit located from the Overseer's office. The Vault evidently survived for more than two centuries before it fell victim to the fleeing remnants of the White Legs Tribe as they fled south from Zion Canyon. The White Legs butchered the Vault's inhabitants and ransacked the Vault before continuing on to the Divide, where they were destroyed by the unified tribes of Marked Men.

Layout Edit

The door from the long dark tunnel opens into what remains of the Overseer's office. Among the rubble is a file cabinet containing a journal entry by the Overseer, as well as a map, and the key to the secret exit encountered previously. This door can be taken to the Mormon and Tribal settlement of Grand Staircase, which is a safe zone. Proceeding deeper into the vault reveals that it is in ruinous condition, with vault dweller logs indicating that the vault was breached by White Leg tribals sometime after 2081 during their own flight from Zion. The skeletal remains of its residents can be found in the vault's atrium, most located around a jukebox playing Vera Keyes' "Begin Again". Past this gory spectacle is the Vault's maintenance wing and the main vault door, which has been opened and leads out into the Divide.

 Insanity Edit

Near the main entrance of the vault, an insane wanderer will encounter two identical men wearing Pip-Boys and pyjamas, and boasting green liberty spikes. The significance of these men is unknown, though it can probably be assumed that they were among the vault residents massacred by the White Legs. They explode when attacked.

Trivia Edit

Vault 74 exists in the base game and serves as a tutorial area for using the GECK. Here, it is occupied by Fiends and appears much less dilapidated than its DUST counterpart. There is nothing analogous to the long dark tunnel in the vanilla game's version of Vault 74.

The note under a jukebox is similar to the original note from vault 74 and may be a reference.