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Get Kay and Topher. We're heading back down there.[...]

Vault 19 is a Vault-Tec facility located in the western Mojave wasteland.


Vault 19 was originally a social experiment by Vault-Tec to test the effects of alienation and subliminal suggestion on the residents. While the fate of its original inhabitants is unknown, the vault was abandoned until 2281, when it was occupied by a group of escaped convicts from the New California Republic Correctional Facility. Since the fall, the vault has been occupied by a group of survivors.

Relations with the outside[]

Until recently, the residents of Vault 19 traded for food and medicine with the tribals of Red Rock village. Due to political problems with other tribes, the Red Rock tribe has suspended this arrangement.


The upper floor of the vault is occupied by armed and hostile survivors. The lower floor and sulfur caves below are occupied by tunnelers. Venturing into the lower floors and especially the sulfur caves is unwise, as there is little in the way of loot and some booby-traps, to say nothing of the tunneler threat. That said, there is some C4 located in the vault area for anyone attempting to blast through the Nipton train tunnel


  • Due to common names and appearances, the survivors of Vault 19 are likely comprised in part of the original group of escaped convicts.
  • Amusingly, a Venomous Tunneler in the Utility section of the Vault still has a chance of yieling Fire Gecko Hide, if looted.


  • Parts of the upper floor vault area are badly glitched with textures disappearing seemingly at random and walls becoming transparent. The Dust Survival Simulator - Vault 19 Fix available on the Nexus fixes these glitches.