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The Tunneler Steak is a craftable aid item in Fallout: DUST.


Tunneler Steaks are crafted from Tunneler Meat, requiring a Survival Skill level of only 25.

Tunneler Steaks are craftable at Campfires, as well as via the Crafting Kit, if the Survivor is in possession of a Hot Plate.

With Tunneler Meat being one of the components used in crafting the high-value, low-weight Gecko Kebab, saving a few additional raw pieces of Tunneler Meat in stock might seem wise. However, since the Gecko Kebab recipe also calls for the extremely rare Banana Yucca Fruit, holding onto extra Tunneler Meat for kebabs instead of cooking into into steaks may be an inadvisable use of now-scant carry weight.

With Tunnelers being the bane of the Mojave, hunting them down for food can be as entertaining and satisfying as it can be deadly. A few tactical hints are given in the Tunnelers article.

At a Survival Skill level of 100, the Tunneler Steak provides FOD -225, Rads +1, and HP +6(15s).


Crafting Kit[]

Result Ingredient(s)
1 x Tunneler Steak 1 x Hot Plate (will not be consumed during crafting)

1 x Tunneler Meat


Result Ingredient(s)
1 x Tunneler Steak 1 x Tunneler Meat


Geckos no longer exist in Fallout: DUST, most all recipes calling for Gecko ingredients have been changed to use Tunneler ingredients.


  • Tunneler Steaks can occasionally be looted from Tunneler corpses.
  • Some kitchens and refrigerators contain Tunneler Steaks.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Tunneler Steak is a repurposed version of the vanilla Fallout: New Vegas food item Gecko Steak, with its name being the only change made. This is the reason the Gecko Kebab recipe calls for Tunneler Meat, and Tunneler Steaks/Meat can commonly be found in kitchens across the Mojave.
  • According to the author of Fallout: DUST, "Geckos are gone too, because I hate their stupid eyes. I mean, er, because the Tunnelers ate them."