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Most of the tribals of the Mojave are made up of the remnants of Caesar's Legion, the Great Khans, and the immigrated tribals of Zion. Many are highly aggressive, often attacking on sight.
—Fallout: DUST loading screen

Tribals are a major faction in Fallout: DUST, consisting of the surviving remnants of Caesar's Legion, the Great Khans, Fiends, Zion and Divide tribes, and other Mojave tribes that have split into smaller groups.

Tribals, like Survivors, are not always hostile, but will expose territorial behaviour, with many attacking The Survivor and any other party entering their territory on sight.


Tribals are among the worst equipped human factions in the Mojave, armed with makeshift melee weapons and usually lacking any ballistic weaponry or explosives. Most Tribals are very lightly armored, wearing simple loincloths or other crude clothing.

Tribals descended from the Legion tend to be significantly better armed and armored, preferring heavy armor and powerful melee weapons. Tribals are mostly dangerous due to their large numbers and preference for melee combat, often attempting to swarm the player at close range where ranged weapons are less effective. Many tribes additionally use Guard Dogs or other trained animals to defend their settlements.

Though numerous Tribes across the Mojave practice Cannibalism, they are not part of the Cannibal faction and are hostile to any Cannibals they encounter.

Tribes in Dust[]

Mojave Wasteland[]

  • Aurelia (Overlaps with Cannibal Faction)

The Divide[]

The Sierra Madre[]

  • Dead Bears/Cloud Walkers (Mentioned only)


  • Fiends
  • Great Khans
  • Vipers
  • Jackals
  • Caesar's Legion
  • White Legs
  • Dead Horses
  • Sorrows