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The Tourniquet is a craftable aid item in Fallout: DUST.


Drifting through the Mojave will run the Survivor almost inevitably into less-desirable company, some of which will probably just shoot on sight, while other is out for worse.

Either way, both are quite often preferable to other creatures, especially those capable of weakening their victims by means of poisonous substances.

With the Survivor being weak and thus highly vulnerable to even less-venomous, short-time poisoning, increasing poison resistance in time will save lives, as will the ability to cure poisoning.

The craftable Tourniquet serves the purpose of prevention, massively increasing the Survivor's poison resistance for 30 seconds.

The use of a Tourniquet prior to engaging venomous creatures, especially Venomous Tunnelers, is highly recommended.

Tourniquets are weightless, and materials for crafting them are easily available.


Crafting Kit and Campfires[]

Result Ingredient(s)
1 x Tourniquet 1 x Leather Belt
1 x Tourniquet 1 x Surgical Tubing


  • Tourniquets are automatically applied upon the Survivor getting poisoned.
  • Automatic application seems to be bugged; if the Survivor is attacked by a Venomous Tunneler, it will result in continuous application of all available Tourniquets.
    • Applying a Tourniquet manually before being attacked or during the attack will stop this cycle.
  • The Tourniquet is an adjusted version of the Snakebite Tourniquet of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.
  • The Damage Resistance bonus has no duration, and thus doesn't seem to apply, which is likely an oversight.