Letter (Nipton) Edit

Letter is a note in Fallout: Dust.

Location Edit

It can be found on a skeleton in the upstairs room of the Nipton General Store, near the bed. Lockpick 25 required to unlock the door. According to the other note found on the skeleton, it was written by Clae.

Transcript Edit

If you're reading this, I can only hope your father is okay, but you need to get out of Nipton. The town isn't safe. I was hoping to get some RadAway for him here but those damned Legion Remnants saw me, and they prefer to attack first and ask questions later. I managed to get away but not before taking a spear to the leg. Lucky for me those Tunnelers showed up and distracted the Legi- Tribals. I guess they can't be legionnaires without the Legion and the Legion's long gone. Either way, while they were distracted with the Tunnelers I managed to go full circle and make it into this house without anyone noticing me. I tried to stitch up the wound as best I could, but it's no use. I'm bleeding bad. If I take pressure off of my leg I know I'll die, but it's either that or sit and wait to die.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you but I pray that this note serves some help to you. From my experience here I've realised that the enemy of my enemy can be my friend, if I know how to use them. The Tunnelers. If you're being chased you can create a sort of skirmish between your attackers and them.
Goodbye, I love you?