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The Ultra-Luxe
Live life in the lap of luxury
Vital statistics
Type Derelict Casino
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location New Vegas Strip, Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Spore Plants, Cloud Victims, The Forecaster

The Ultra-Luxe is a destroyed Casino located in the Mojave Wasteland.

Background Edit

Before the Fall, the Ultra-luxe was operated on behalf of Robert House by a group of recultured tribals called the White Glove Society. In the aftermath of NCR annexation of the Mojave, the White Gloves and the other ruling families were driven from power, with their properties falling under the control of the NCR administration. During the Fall, the Ultra-luxe was left abandoned save for a handful of Cloud Victims desperate for shelter from marauding Feral Ghouls. At some point, possibly as a result of NCR actions, the casino was infested by Spore plants originating out of Vault 22.

Overview Edit

The main gaming floor of the casino is home to four spore plants in the bar area, as well as a few hostile cloud victims who have made camp around the periphery. Due to heavy fortifications near the entrance, these enemies can be dispatched at range with minimal risk. The rear area of the casino past the bank is behind a locked door, the key to which is located on the remains of a member of the White Glove Society located just to the right of the door. The reception area is heavily booby-trapped with braced girders, spring guns and toaster and bottle cap mines. Most of the building is inaccessible save for the bank and the Hotel's penthouse suite, the latter being hidden behind improvised fortifications containing more hidden traps. Once within the penthouse, the only remaining threat is an insane adult forecaster who will attack intruders on sight.

Areas of Interest Edit

A suitcase near the casino entrance contains the forecaster's headgear "Medicine" which increases perception at the expense of intelligence.

Some weapons and ammunition can be found in the casino bank.

The Forecaster carries a Ranger Sequoia in poor condition.

Random medical supplies can be found in the penthouse.

Trivia Edit

Despite the Forecaster assertion that he has used the last of his Thorazine, it can occasionally be found among the medical supplies in the penthouse.