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The Survivor is the playable protagonist and main character of Fallout: DUST.

As with all previous Fallout games, the Survivor's gender, appearance as well as their initial capabilities and traits are determined by the player.

Fallout: New Vegas[]

Nothing is known about the Survivor's life during the events of Fallout: New Vegas.


After the events of The Fall, the Survivor wakes up in a grimy shack, cave, house, armory or warehouse often surrounded by bodies and blood, having to relearn all of their capabilities.

Their story is their own.

From then on, the Survivor's sole objective is to escape the Mojave Wasteland by any means necessary, collecting bits and pieces of information held by other characters or left in various locations.

Despite this, a few things can be inferred:

  • The Survivor must have history with RobCo technology, due to the fact that they start with a Pip Boy.
  • The Survivor must have prior experience with the Crafting Kit, since they know what it is, and how to use it
  • The Survivor has working knowledge of makeshift gear and weaponry introduced during and after the fall, as is evidenced by the capability to craft and use them.
  • The Survivor must have some level of medical knowledge, as they are able craft improvised healing items.

Further assumptions may be made based on starting location:

  • The Survivor has some fascination (or perhaps obsession) with the Paladin Toaster, as they kill their traveling partner for it in Blackrock Cavern.
  • The Survivor can effectively make explosives, and will kill in defense of a can of beans, as seen in the Legion Safehouse beginning.
  • The Survivor may have been taking part in or was a witness to arms dealings, as can be seen in the Abandoned Warehouse starting.
  • The Survivor may have a history with the Brotherhood of Steel, as they can wake up in their former safehouse.
  • The Survivor may have a history with the Followers of the Apocalypse, as they can wake up in their former safehouse.