The Long Dark
It's long and it's dark too
Vital statistics
Type Emergency Escape Tunnel
Level 1: Low Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland, Zion Canyon, Grand Staircase Escalante
Inhabitants None
"First day in the Vault! I'm excited to begin my work as Overseer! According to the documents Vault-Tec has provided me, Vault 74 is unique (lucky me!). Unlike the other vaults, THIS vault is equipped with not one, but TWO doors. One is the giant, 20 ton monstrosity that everyone knows about. The other door is a secret passageway (how exciting!), located right behind my desk! This false panel slides aside to reveal a much longer tunnel, to be used in times of emergency only. This tunnel leads east to a number of regions Vault-Tec assumes will be mostly untouched in the event of a nuclear exchange. Zion National Park... Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument... I went there on vacation once. It was quite nice. Grand Canyon National Park... Heck, this'll be fun! A bit of camping, some fishing. I can't wait for this "emergency"!"
—Data Log #1.01.01

The Long Dark is the collective term for a labyrinthine and heavily booby-trapped network of hallways connecting Vault 74 to Zion Canyon and Grand Staircase Escalante. It was incorporated into Vault 74 as an emergency escape route in the event of the vault being compromised and leads out into numerous locations that were assumed by Vault-Tec to experience a minimal amount of damage in the event of a nuclear exchange.

Access Edit

The long dark is accessed through the Pine Creek tunnel from Zion Canyon after the key has been recovered from the NCR garrison there.

Pine Creek Tunnel Edit

Pine Creek tunnel is an access route containing a high number of improvised explosive devices and a modest amount of supplies. A maintenance room left of the entrance contains the remains of Waking Cloud which provides an account of the Zion Tribals exodus to the Divide and their subsequent massacre, the blame for which she places on Daniel of New Canaan. Further on is the tunnels normal point of termination and the entrance to the Long Dark, again located to the left. Great Care should be taken here as the booby traps are not readily visible and are easily capable of killing a survivor with almost no warning.

The Long Dark Edit

The long dark is a connection of switchback hallways with most doors either collapsed or otherwise inaccessible. Upon entering the long dark, a survivor will first encounter a locked door leading to Grand Staircase national monument. Immediately to the left is a staircase descending into the long dark proper. Explosives and bear traps are endemic here and the labyrinthine nature of this area makes it very easy to become complacent and wander into a trap you would have otherwise noticed. Eventually, a survivor who avoids the traps will come to a second descending stairway leading to a straight hallway with two doors on either side about halfway through its expanse. The leftmost of these leads to Vault 74.

Insanity Edit

An insane wanderer will experience auditory hallucinations of the Wendigo's cry while navigating the long dark, Most instances of this seem to occur when encountering a dead end.

One can also find hostile people inside the Vault or in the tunnels, that will explode once attacked. When re-entering the location from the Divide, a group of cannibals will spawn (it is unknown whether it's intentional or a bug).

Trivia Edit

-The length of the Long Dark does not correspond to its implied distance, which would stretch from southern Utah to the Divide on the California/Nevada border.