The Courier
The Courier, also known as Courier Six, was the player character of Fallout:

New Vegas and a hostile NPC in Fallout: DUST.

Fallout: New Vegas Edit

Courier Six is the playable protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas. Although gender and appearance are up to the player's choice, the Courier is most often depicted as male.

In the events of New Vegas, the Courier is tasked with delivering a Platinum Chip to Robert House, but is robbed, shot, and left for dead. Waking in the small town of Goodsprings, the Courier embarks on a journey to find the men that tried to kill him, ultimately shaping the future of the Mojave Wasteland itself.

In DUST Edit

In Fallout: DUST, the Courier is depicted as a ghoulified male wearing pre-War riot gear and a breathing mask. He can be found in Lake Mead Cave, now known as "the Tomb." The Courier is hostile to the player, and will attack with either a unique .50 caliber rifle, or a flagpole.

According to an audio log transcription found on a destroyed Securitron in the Tomb, the Courier was branded as a terrorist by the NCR following the Second Battle of Hoover Dam (implying that either he sided with Mr. House or kept New Vegas independent from both the NCR and the Legion). When the Mojave Wasteland began to fall to the dust storms and Tunnelers, the NCR then blamed the Courier for the disasters. The Courier fled to Mead Canyon where he buried hundreds of mines and other traps to protect against the dangers of the Mojave. At some point during the 20 years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Courier turned into a ghoul. Whether or not the transformation was intentional is unknown. The Survivor has the opportunity to end his misery if they want to.