Atomic Wrangler
Wanna get lucky? Head on down to the Atomic Wrangler!
Vital statistics
Type Pre-Fall Casino/Brothel
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Freeside, Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Feral Ghouls, Cloud Victims
"If you're reading this- Know that the NCR are monsters. Do not be fooled by their rhetoric. We barely got a dozen people out of the Strip. Just as we got that gate open, the Troopers came out guns blaring. Last I saw they were pulling people out into the streets. Execution style. I think King got out with a few Freesiders. At least some got out... I'm done, but remember what I've written here. Commit it to memory. Do not let us have died in vain. KILL NCR. "

-James Garret — Last Words

The Atomic Wrangler is a former casino and brothel located in Freeside.

Background Edit

Prior to The Fall, the Atomic Wrangler was the only active casino in Freeside. Run by James and Francine Garret, the Casino did a steady business with gambling and prostitution but the lion's share of its profits came from the sale of alcohol and illegal chems, a fact which caused no end of friction with the NCR and the Followers of the Apocalypse.

During the Freeside Rebellion, the Garret twins and their men aided the Kings and other rebels by supplying them with explosives from an old powder ganger cache and later in the wake of NCR summary executions, by staying behind to cover the evacuation of refugees from The Strip and Freeside. James Garret was mortally wounded in the endeavor and succumbed shortly after penning his last words.

Overview Edit

The Atomic Wrangler, besides being heavily populated by feral Ghouls, can only be accessed through a concentrated area of the cloud. In addition, some parts of the building are irradiated, accounting for the ghoul's presence.

Areas of Interest Edit

James Garret's remains can be found behind the Atomic Wrangler's bar. He carries his last words, the buildings master key and the unique pistol Gambler's Pal.

Given it's sordid past, chems and alcohol are available in abundance.

Some weapons and ammunition can be found in containers on the upper floors, as well as unique weapon mods for Gambler's Pal.

Trivia Edit

Occasionally, leaving and re-entering the Atomic Wrangler will cause a group of cloud victims to spawn on the casino floor. They are not hostile and will carry on playing cards and conversing with one another.