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Not all Survivors are evil. Most are just trying to get by. Shooting on sight isn't always the best approach.
—Fallout: DUST loading screen

Survivors are assorted wanderers, travelers and survivalists inhabiting the Mojave Wasteland as of 2301. As distinct from cannibals and Tribals, survivors have generally maintained control over their faculties and most remain grounded in the reality of life in the Mojave. This said, local conditions invite opportunism and predatory behavior so survivors are still apt to engage in murder, cannibalism and all manner of other horrific acts.


Survivors are equipped with a motley assortment of equipment. Most of their apparel is chosen for practical reasons rather than any faction affiliation though there are exceptions to this. Especially popular are Robco jumpsuits, courier dusters and NCR CF prisoner uniforms. With respect to weapons, survivors tend to favor factory-machined firearms as opposed to the improvised "garage" versions used by tribals and cannibals. 9mm and 10mm pistols are fairly common, as are cowboy repeaters, hunting rifles and shotguns of various extraction. Other groups, such as the tech scavengers of Big mountain, use manufactured or improvised energy weapons for their sheer power. When ranged weapons are unavailable, most survivors turn to knives and lead pipes though more esoteric melee weapons are not unheard of. On the whole, survivors are better equipped than their less-lucid counterparts in other factions and can often be counted on to carry chems, alcoholic beverages and modern medical supplies.

Notable Survivors/Groups[]


  • Most survivors are hostile to outsiders on contact. However, a select few will warn an intruder to leave before opening fire and an even scanter minority not mind the Survivors presence, even supporting them. Of this minority, less than a handful will be willing to trade.