"Today we stare death in the eyes.
They took the others. It's unlikely they still live, but that hope is all that has kept me going these past three months. We've spent that time training, scavenging, building. Now we're ready. Live or die, we're heading in. And we will kill every last mutant that stands between us and our family." Survival Log
'Super Mutants' are humans mutated by the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV), characterized by much greater physical ability, and often by much impaired cognitive ability.

Overview Edit

Though previously fairly common throughout the Mojave wasteland, the events of the Fall has resulted in a precipitous decline in the region's Mutant population. Those few that do remain are categorically hostile and should be avoided whenever possible.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Mutants have not lost any of their natural resilience and will destroy any human opponent in a straight fight. Thankfully, the mutants that remain suffer a dearth of ranged weaponry and will most often attack only with a melee weapon or their bare hands, both of which are plenty deadly.

Known Mutant Populations Edit

Jacobstown is populated entirely by Super Mutants and nightkin, making it a dangerous destination for an underprepared traveler.

A camp of mutants can be found in the northeast Mojave wasteland, north of the devils throat and east of the survivor camp located there.

Mutants and centaurs, as well as lethal doses of radiation can be found inside the devils throat.

Super Mutant survivors can occasionally be found near Black Mountain

A small contingent of Nightkin occupy the basement of the RepConn test facility

Trivia Edit

The Nightkin found in the RepConn basement are unchanged from the vanilla game and will still give their relevant quest.