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The Splint is a craftable aid item in Fallout: DUST.


The Mojave provides a lot of ways of getting severely injured, but few ways of healing wounds and even fewer ways of caring for crippled limbs.

The lack of doctors, or at least sane doctors willing to tend to their profession, instead of trying to end the Survivor before even starting examination, necessitates using other means of healing damaged or crippled limbs.

Doctor's Bags do still exist in the Mojave, but are sparse, as are the ingredients required for crafting them.

While craftable Healing Poultice seems to provide the most effective way for healing damaged or crippled limbs, their ingredients can be hard to come by, so a Survivor will likely have to rely on other means, such as Hydra or Splints.

The craftable Splint provides for just enough effectiveness to heal crippled limbs, and has a miniscule healing effect on non-crippled ones. While a crippled limb might not be immediately life-threatening, getting a hole beaten into the cranial roof will most certainly lead to annoying and possibly dangerously distracting effects.

Having a Splint ready allows for immediate mitigation, but the formerly-crippled limbs will be healed just beyond crippling, therefore becoming crippled again next time they are damaged if not given further attention.

In line with its other qualities as a stop-gap measure, the Splint is very cost-ineffective for its weight, with the far more potent Doctor's Bag weighing the same amount, and the drastically more potent Healing Poultice weighing far less.

Since Splints can be crafted using he Crafting Kit, they can be prepared for use even when in combat.


Result Ingredient(s)
1 x Splint 1 x Leather Belt

1 x Crutch

1 x Splint 1 x Leather Belt

1 x Surgical Tubing


  • Unlike the Doctor's Bag, the Splint can not be applied selectively; it will always apply to all limbs.
  • The effect of the Splint is not boosted by the Fast Metabolism perk.
  • The Splint restores Limb Condition at a magnitude of 1, being much less effective than the Doctor's Bag (magnitude 36, and 45 with the Fast Metabolism perk) and even less effective than Healing Poultice (magnitude 250).
  • The Splint shares its Pip-Boy inventory icon with the Snakebite Tourniquet of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.
  • The Splint shares its world model with the Medical Brace.