South Vegas Ruins
The city of the future, today!
Vital statistics
Type Ruins
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Tribals, Tribal Mongrels, Tunnelers
"The Blind Dogs are mad. Their ferocity in battle cannot be denied, but they simply cannot be reasoned with. This week alone they have declared war on the Dust Devils and Green Feet. Out of respect for The Prophet, I negotiated a truce for the latter, but the Devils have been forced north- into Tunneler territory. Only now the Dogs claim the Red Rocks are forming a confederacy against them by supplying the Devils and some tribe unknown to me (the Vault Men?) with medical treatment. I must have words with the Elders soon. The recklessness of the Dogs is unsustainable." Note
The South Vegas Ruins is an area south of the Vegas Strip with a large concentration of Tribals.

Background Edit

Prior to the events of the fall, the area south of the strip was largely under the control of a raider tribe known as the fiends. Due to worsening conditions in the Mojave and leadership difficulties, the fiends fractured into smaller, independent tribes echoing the fate of Caesars legion and the Great Khans. By 2301, a loose confederation of tribal groups holds sway over most of south-western New Vegas

Tribal Groups Edit

The Blind Dogs Edit

The Blind Dogs camp is located in an old trailer park, near the Poseiden gas station north of Red Rock Canyon. Prideful and militant in the extreme, the Blind Dogs are considered by many to be the greatest threat to the cohesion of the tribes.

Tribal Prophets Camp Edit

The Tribal prophet and a retinue of loyal followers hold camp in a derelict building east of the Blind Dogs. The prophet is called upon to mediate in cases of intra-tribal friction

Unknown Tribe Edit

A small group of tribals can be found in an abandoned building immediately north of the Blind Dogs camp.

Zapp's Neon Signs Edit

Zapp's Neon signs is a heavily booby-trapped building located in the South Vegas ruins. It is occupied by tribals who have expressed concerns over the militancy of the Blind Dogs

Vault 3 Edit

Vault 3 is ostensibly still under the control of the remaining fiends, still under the leadership of Motor-Runner. It is doubtful that they have any productive contact with the tribes outside.

Overview Edit

The South Vegas Ruins are a risky location for scavenging as the tribals here are relatively well armed by tribal standards. Furthermore, almost everyone killed here will cause a survivor to lose sanity. The Area boasts a high-concentration of food and chems as well as the recipe for Cook-Cook's fiend stew, a high value craftable item.

Trivia Edit

The locations of the tribal groups are the Vanilla locations of Violet, Driver Nephi, Cook-Cook, Duke and Motor-Runner respectively

The Tribal leader at Cook-Cook's former location will still yield a severed head when killed.

Vault 3 is largely unchanged from the base game, though some sections are glitched, implying that further alteration was intended by Naugrim.