Silver Rush
You want someone dead? Really dead?
Vital statistics
Type Pre-Fall Arms Bazaar
Level 1: Low Risk Area
Location Freeside, Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants None
"Who would think to look in here? It's been abandoned since Hoover Dam, and besides, who in their right mind would be obvious enough to hide weapons in a former weapons store? Right in plain sight... NCR won't know what hit 'em." Perfect!
The Silver Rush is a post-war weapons bazaar and arms cache located in Freeside.

Background Edit

Prior to the second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Silver Rush was an energy weapons store owned and operated by the Van Graff family, a ruthless semi-criminal organization from California. Following the annexation of the Mojave by the New California Republic, their hard-line stance on sedition and lawlessness drove them to raid and forcibly close the Silver Rush, condemning the building and sealing it's entrance. Shortly before the Freeside rebellion, a group of rebels broke in through the roof and began using the floor space as a place to secret weapons. Unbeknownst to them, an informant in the group had informed the NCR occupation of their intentions and the cache was surreptitiously booby-trapped by the NCR, killing those rebels who came back to recover their weapons.

Overview Edit

The Silver Rush can be accessed through the roof by climbing up from the adjacent building. The hatch inside is protected by a medium lock. Several energy weapons and skill magazines, as well as some alcohol, can be found on the buildings upper floors, hidden behind medium and hard locks. The sales floor is protected by a hard lock and the cache of weapons located therein is rigged with plasma mines which may kill the player and damage and scatter the cache. Being conscious of the traps, the Silver Rush is an excellent source of high-powered weapons and considerable amounts of ammunition and explosives.