Home sweet home
Vital statistics
Type Residence
Level 0: Safe Zone
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants The Survivor
"Ooh, boy! We're eatin' tonight! Yessir, that wanderer we been trackin's got a can of beans! Tess 'n Dulcie say we oughta ambush 'em tonight. Take their beans and whatever else they've got while they're sleeping. In and out, real nice. Nobody has to get hurt this time" —Journal
The Safehouse is a small two-room house located in the southern Mojave Wasteland. Formerly used as a safehouse for Legion personnel operating in NCR territory, it has since become just another ruin in the wastes. The Safehouse is the starting location in DUST 1.96, being superseded by the Beginning (through which it can still be accessed) as of DUST 2.0.

Overview Edit

The Survivor regains consciousness here, having used an improvised grenade launcher to kill three survivors who attempted to rob them of a can of beans.

Layout Edit

The Safehouse is comprised of two floors. The upper floor is a living area with a sofa, table and workbench. Here, the portable crafting kit can be found along with a few miscellaneous and aid items. The lower floor contains a bed, a radio, a footlocker, an improvised grenade launcher, a tire iron, two dead survivors and the can of beans that started this mess. There are also a few empty tin cans as well as some cleaner and detergent to be found, useful for creating Molotov cocktails. Underneath the player bed is a hatch, leading to the Nipton train tunnel.

Amenities Edit

The Safehouse contains a bed, player storage, a full-sized crafting table and a campfire (located out front). This benefits are mitigated by the fact that the Safehouse is located in a particularly dangerous area of the Mojave wasteland, being just north of the Ghoul-infested nuclear test site and surrounded on all other sides by packs of Tunnelers.