Fallout: Dust Wikia
Fallout: Dust Wikia


Fallout: DUST introduces changes to the leveled progression and base values of some of the statistics derived from the primary SPECIAL statistics.

These seem to be untouched for Perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck.


SPECIAL statistic

Derived Vanilla Dust
Strength Carry weight (lbs) 150 + 10 * Strength 20 + 5 * Strength
Endurance Hit points 95 + (20 * Endurance) + (5 * level) 95 + (5 * Endurance) + (5 * level)

DUST provides mitigation for the drastically lowered carry weight in the form of backpacks at the cost of Agility.


  • Using the biggest available backpack (+55 lbs), 10 Strength (20 + 5 * 10 = +70 lbs), the Burden to Bear perk (+10 lbs), the Strong Back perk (+15 lbs) and the Hoarder trait (+25 lbs), the maximum carry weight in DUST is 175 lbs.
  • Given the changes DUST introduces to the Hardcore Mode, careful distribution of SPECIAL points is advised, as the Survivor will be subject to penalties due to dehydration, hunger or sleep deprivation much faster than in the base game.