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Addressed to Miss Lydia Bernard and Co.,

I couldn't care less about whatever miracle cures you and Royst cooked up in that hellhole. [...] The trial WILL continue [...]

- Elizabeth Ware

The Royst-Bernard Expedition is a major faction in Fallout: DUST, a rogue faction of NCR scientific and military personnel whom have traveled to the Mojave to secure surviving research data from the Lucky 38, in an attempt to combat the Cloud and vindicate Dr. Royst.


Based on the summit of Black Mountain, the group is one of the most well-equipped factions in the Mojave, with access to Vertibird transports and top-tier equipment.

Due to the unethical and destructive nature of the research the Expedition seeks to recover, they have been disowned and abandoned by the Republic, and have lost many personnel to the hazards of the Mojave.

Members of the Expedition will turn hostile to the Survivor, if they get too close to their territory. Despite what its description says, the False Authority perk will not allow the player character to enter their zones unmolested, as the perk is unfinished and has no effects.

Though many Survivors in NCR gear may be encountered, Royst-Bernard Expedition personnel are differentiated as NCR Troopers, Rangers, or Researchers, Their two main bases are located on the summit of Black Mountain and Camp Golf. Surviving members of their failed breach of New Vegas can be encountered in the Old Mormon Fort.

Expedition Troopers and Rangers pose a formidable threat to unprepared players, since they are armed with high-quality weaponry and are protected by excellent armor.

Rangers, found alive only at Camp Golf and Nellis Air Force Base, wield heavy weaponry and retain their Ranger Veteran or Patrol Armor, which puts them among the deadliest humanoid hostiles in the Mojave.

Researchers found at Black Mountain, Camp Golf, and Old Mormon Fort will usually flee if combat is initiated, with the notable exception being Researchers located in the Old Mormon Fort, who utilize lootable Radiation Suits and will attack Survivors using Arc Welders.

With Royst being on trial, members of the Royst-Bernard Expedition stationed throughout the Mojave are trying to convince the judge supposedly in charge, Elizabeth Ware, of the immense value his research provides, including calling his possible incarceration to be a "crime against humanity".

Notable Members[]

  • Lydia Bernard, Research Lead of the Royst-Bernard Expedition, former Assistant Head Researcher to Royst
  • Mike Lawson, Head Researcher at Hoover Dam


  • Despite Edwin Royst being incarcerated and thus not being part of the expedition formed after The Fall, it still carries his name alongside that of his former assistant Lydia Bernard: Royst-Bernard Expedition
  • The game files classify the Royst-Bernard Expedition personnel as members of the NCR faction and thus being on good terms with any Remnant NCR force, even those in Camp McCarran.