"The Lucky 38 casino still towers over the Mojave. Is it a beacon of hope, or a looming menace?" -Loading Screen
Robert Edwin House was a pre-war industrialist and sole owner of the New Vegas corporation as of 2281.

Robert House
"In retrospect, the Mojave and Hoover Dam will seem like one man's misadventure. Kimball will be blamed, not me. Not New Vegas. "
Vital statistics
Position Founder of Robco, CEO and de-facto dictator of New Vegas
Age 261 (as of 2281)
Status Unknown (presumed dead)
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Background Edit

Prior to the Great War, Mr. House was a respected industrialist, founding Robco and investing in numerous other commercial ventures. Determining that an atomic war between the United States and the People's Republic of China was a virtual certainty, House set about putting countermeasures into place. Due to his actions, the Greater Vegas area was spared devastation on the scale suffered by most areas targeted during the Great War. Unfortunately, House was forced into hibernatory stasis to preserve his own life, using his Robco manufactured robots as extensions of his will. House emerged from his comatose state in 2138 and reentered the public consciousness in 2274 when he used his Securitron army to extend overtures to several prominent tribes in the Vegas area. These tribes would become the Three families, who would become caretakers of Mr. House's property on the New Vegas Strip. Having consolidated his gains, House was in an ideal position to impose his terms on the emergent NCR who had just recently taken an interest in the Mojave.

Following the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR annexed the Mojave Wasteland. In the course of this, the Three Families were deposed, the Strip was taken over by NCR occupation forces and House was removed from power and presumably killed. Some accounts maintain that House had been usurped by an unknown actor prior to the battle and subsequent NCR occupation but the factual basis for this is unknown.