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A Blind Dog spy came in the night. He came into my Longhouse and fouled its walls with filthy vandalism. [...]
—Blind Dog Situation

Red Rock Village (Formerly Red Rock Canyon) is a location in the west Mojave. Originally home to the Great Khans, it is now inhabited by a tribe called, appropriately the Red Rocks.

The Red Rocks[]

The Red Rocks appear to be a passive tribe, only occasionally venturing out into the wastes to trade with other tribal groups and survivors. At the time of the survivor's arrival, the Red Rocks had been providing anti-venom and other medicines to the beleaguered survivors of Vault 19. Possibly due to superstition, this caused friction with another nearby tribe, the Blind Dogs. Because of this, a blind dog scout had snuck into the village and vandalized the Chieftain's longhouse as a warning. Knowing that the Red Rocks would be helpless against the tunnelers without the Blind Dogs protection, the chieftain had decided to end contact with Vault 19 after one final shipment of medicine. Irrespective of this fact, the decision had already been made by the Blind Dogs to go to war with both groups so this gesture would be in vain. Possibly due to this upset, the Red Rock tribals are hostile and will attack the survivor on sight.

Red Rock Temple[]

The Red Rock temple is located in a slot canyon behind and to the right of the village, terminating in a open area with a cluster of trailers grouped together. Formerly the center of the Great Khan's drug manufacturing operation, it is now a religious site with various totems and sacrifices laying about, both inside and outside of the trailers. As well as some residual drug paraphernalia left over from its previous use, human flesh can be found suggesting that cannibalism has some religious significance for the tribe. Two or more hostile Red Rock tribals as well as a Red Rock child can be found here.