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A good haul yesterday. Should show those assholes up the hill a thing or two about about good, honest, hunting. [..]

Quarryville, formerly the NCR mining camp of Sloan, is a large cannibal settlement located northeast of Ghost Town, along Interstate-15, neighbouring Quarry Junction.


While Quarryvilles buildings did survive the events prior to the Survivor waking up in the Mojave allmost unchanged, none of their former inhabitants did.

Still consisting of four main buildings (and an outhouse), the former mining camp is now inhabited by a large number of extremely hostile Cannibals, willing to swarm, kill and most likely consume anyone being careless enough to pass by in close vicinity.

Probably hoping for more potential victims to prey upon due to the Long 15 leading them allmost right to the front door of their new den, the savages seem to underestimate or be unaware of the imminent threat originating from their new neighbours being Deathclaws - and can be made to pay dearly for their ignorance (and for murdering Snuffles) by savvy Survivors.

Tactical Considerations[]

Due to the high concentration of cannibals, it is not recommended to attack head on. A viable option is to either lure the Deathclaws from the nearby quarry into the town, or head to the left side and attack from a rundown shack; this will create a choke point for the cannibals where they will get stuck on each other allowing an easy kill for the player. Another option is sniping the cannibals from a distance.


  • With the Cannibals prefering other means of nourishment, the once famous and much praised wasteland omelet seems to have gone out of fashion in Quarryville, with no one left willing or able to prepare it, let alone share its recipe.