Arcade Israel Gannon - Doctor to the Followers of the Apocalypse. KIA in the New Vegas Sewer.

Aurelius of Phoenix - Former Legion Centurion, now dictator of Aurelia.

Blake - Former Crimson Caravan merchant, now member of the Crimson Caravan Survivor Camp.

Caius Severus - Former Legion Decanus. Presumed leader of the Burned Bulls tribe.

The Courier - Heir-Apparent of Robert House. Found, ghoulified, in The Tomb.

Edward "Caesar" Sallow - Founder and supreme leader of Caesar's Legion. Presumed assassinated. Remains interred at Kai-sar's Hill.

Father Elijah - Former Brotherhood of Steel Elder. Presumed to have committed suicide in the Sierra Madre.

The Forecaster - Former freelance fortune teller. Found, insane, in the Ultra-Luxe.

James Garrett - Casino proprietor. Killed by NCR forces during the Fall.

Gloria Van Graff - Killed by NCR occupation forces.

Jean-Baptiste Cutting - Killed by NCR occupation forces.

Joseph Polatli - NCR Major. Killed by cannibals during attack on Camp Forlorn Hope.

Junaid - De-facto leader of the Divide's tribals.

The King - Leader of The Kings. Mortally wounded during the Fall, and died in Boulder City shortly after.

Lem - Former leader of the Vault 19 Powder Gangers. Presently member of the Vault 19 survivor group.

Lucky Jim - Leader and founding member of the New Vegas Rebels. Presently at large.

Lydia Bernard - Lead researcher and advocate of the Royst-Bernard Expedition. Found at Black Mountain in the Broadcast Building.

Marcus - Supermutant, and founding leader of Jacobstown. Killed during civil war in Jacobstown.

Nolan McNamara - Former Brotherhood of Steel Elder. Killed by WMD attack on the Hidden Valley Bunker.

Pacer - Lieutenant-leader of The Kings. Killed during civil war in Jacobstown.

Robert House - Technocrat ruler of New Vegas. Either killed directly or removed from life support.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Owner-Operator of Cassidy Caravans. KIA at the Mojave Outpost.

Sarah Weintraub - Former proprietor of the Vault 21 Hotel. Executed by NCR forces during the Fall.

Raul Tejada - Ghoul vaquero and mechanic. Implied to have been found dead in the ruins of Black Mountain.