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This article lists people known to have resided in the Mojave wasteland between 2281 and 2301, including their current whereabouts and / or fate.

Name Whereabouts / Fate
Alexander Former member of the Gun Runners, turned Survivor. Still trading at 188 Overpass.
Arcade Israel Gannon Doctor to the Followers of the Apocalypse. KIA in the New Vegas Sewer.
Aurelius of Phoenix Former Legion Centurion, now dictator of Aurelia.
Blake Former Crimson Caravan merchant, now member of the Crimson Caravan Survivor Camp.
Butch Deloria Former Vault 101 Dweller, hiding out in the Northern Passage tunnel alongside fellow Zion survivor, Jess.
Caius Severus Former Legion Decanus. Presumed leader of the Burned Bulls tribe.
Cassandra Moore Still defending Hoover Dam with a detachment of remnant NCR soldiers.
Chet Former clerk of Goodsprings General store. Whereabouts unknown, probably killed by the plague that befell Ghost Town. Though if Understone is installed, he can be found trading here.
Craig Boone Former NCR 1st Recon Sharpshooter. Currents whereabouts are unknown. Either killed by Caesar's Legion when they occupied Novac during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam or cannibals after the Fall.
Daniel Mormon Missionary and former leader of the Sorrows. Died trying to kill the Wendigo.
Daniel Contreras Former Sargent with the NCR, gun and chem trafficker at Camp McCarran. Presumably deserted, turned Survivor. Still trading close to his former supply shack at Camp McCarran.
Edward "Caesar" Sallow Founder and supreme leader of Caesar's Legion. Presumed assassinated. Remains interred at Kai-sar's Hill.
Elizabeth Kieran Former NCR Major who provided food for NCR citizens in Freeside. Can be found in the Survivor Hole in Freeside.
Father Elijah Former Brotherhood of Steel Elder and ruler of the Sierra Madre. Committed suicide in the casino's villa fountain.
Follows-Chalk Dead Horse warchief after Joshua Graham's death. Died after he and Zion's tribes first came into conflict with the ones in the Divide.
Gloria Van Graff Killed by NCR occupation forces.
James Garrett Casino proprietor. Killed by NCR occupation forces during the Fall.
Jean-Baptiste Cutting Killed by NCR occupation forces.
Klamath Bob Still alive within his store in Westside.
Lem Former leader of the Vault 19 Powder Gangers. Presently member of the Vault 19 survivor group.
Lily Bowen Nightkin, herdsmen of Jacobstown. Likely died or went insane during the civil war in Jacobstown.
Lucky Jim Leader and one of the founding and last of the New Vegas Rebels. Presently at large.
Lupe Former water merchant at the Grub N'Gulp, turned Survivor. Still trading near Vault 34
Lydia Bernard Lead researcher and advocate of the Royst-Bernard Expedition. Found at Black Mountain in the Broadcast Building.
Joshua Graham Former warchief of the Dead Horses and Sorrows. Died of infection and corpse mutated into the monstrous Wendigo roaming Zion.
Joseph Polatli NCR Major. Killed by cannibals during attack on Camp Forlorn Hope.
Marcus Supermutant, and founding leader of Jacobstown. Killed during civil war in Jacobstown.
Nolan McNamara Former Brotherhood of Steel Elder. Killed by WMD attack on the Hidden Valley Bunker.
Pacer Lieutenant-leader of The Kings. Killed during civil war in Jacobstown.
Raul Tejada Ghoul vaquero and mechanic. Implied to have been found dead in the ruins of Black Mountain.
Robert House Technocrat ruler of New Vegas. Either killed directly or removed from life support.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy Owner-Operator of Cassidy Caravans. KIA at the Mojave Outpost.
Sarah Weintraub Former proprietor of the Vault 21 Hotel. Executed by NCR forces alongside her husband and children during The Fall.
The Courier Heir-Apparent of Robert House. Found, ghoulified, in The Tomb.
The Forecaster Former freelance fortune teller. Found, insane, in the Ultra-Luxe.
The King Leader of The Kings. Mortally wounded during The Fall, and died in Boulder City shortly after.
Vendortron Protectron. Abandoned his former workplace, which now is a Cannibal Fort. Still trading near Vault 34.
Victor Securitron. Due to his sporadic and distorted appearances across the Mojave. Survivors are unsure whether real or hallucination.
Waking Cloud Midwife of the Sorrows. Slaughtered alongside the rest of her tribe in the Long Dark by the Divide Tribals.