In Fallout: Dust you can find different notes, which load to your Pip-Boy. Below you can find the full texts, locations and IDs of these notes.


A Greeting From The Great Toaster

Location: CuckossNestINT

ID: aaDLC03ToasterHint

What you seek had butter be worth it, because I'll be jamned if I, the Great and Powerful Toaster, allow you into my domain. Halt! And quiver before my Toastyness.

Oh, fu** it. You're looking for that piece of sh** Teleportalponder right? Everyone's always looking for the Teleportalponder. It's in the briefcase on the shrine. No, not that shrine. The other one. Just don't blow up and it's yours.

Mysterious Note

Location: 188TradingPost

ID: aatext188Advice

&PCName;- The Strip beckons. I am waiting.

The King's Goodbye

Location: BCKhanHideout

ID: aatextBCkinggoodbye

Well boys, this is it. You can protest all you want, but I'm telling you, I'm a dead man. This wound won't heal itself. So thank you. Thank you for all you've done while in my service. You've served Freeside well. Heck, you even ended up serving the Strip well. Who would've thought? Thanks again boys, and keep the music of man alive.

Evacuation Notes: Part 1


ID: aatextBCncrdirt1

Now that we're all settled in, I figure I ought to write down what happened, for posterity's sake. Two days ago, King gave the signal. We marched out into the streets and rallied what forces we could. The guys over at the Wrangler lived up to their promise: a ridiculous amount of C4 (rumor has it they scavenged it from some old Powder Gang stash). Even with all those explosives, we just barely got a hole in the gate. We only managed to pull a couple of high-rollers out when the NCR swooped in. That's when things got ugly.

Evacuation Notes: Part 2


ID: aatextBCncrdirt2

We tried to hold them back long enough for the civilians to get out, but there were just too many of them. The Garrets (God bless 'em) and their crew volunteered to stay behind while we got out. We all assumed they were done for, but last night we got word that they were hiding in the sewers, fighting a guerilla war against those ♥♥♥♥ers. I'm gonna go ask the King if me and the boys can go out and join 'em.


Location: NPC VFSKingGangMemberAM03


March 1, 2286

Fu**, man. That storm was killer. It's lucky the boys found those suits or most've us woulda been flayed alive. There weren't enough for all of us, but we worked it out that those without suits got to stay inside (seeing as there weren't enough space inside for alluv us anyhow). Even so, we lost some good people. And Old Man Thomas is looking pretty worse for wear. His skin's just hanging off him (well, more than usual). Hell, if I didn't know better I'd say he's lookin' down right ghoulish.

Scout Report

Location:NPC aaskeletonscout


-2/27 13:46- NCR searching houses for remnants of Kings Gang. Many civilian casualties.

-2/27 16:18- NCR decides to check sewers- are met with hail of gunfire. 4-6 dead/injured.

-2/27 17:32- NCR attempts to smoke rebels out- ultimately unsuccessful.

-2/27 19:14- NCR attempts third assault. Unsuccessful. 3 wounded.

-2/28 1:05- NCR desperate. Much commotion and movement of troops.

-2/28 4:53- NCR beginning departure from Strip. They appear to have locked the gate to the Strip, with all inhabitants inside. A few troops remain to guard manholes in Freeside.

-2/28 10:27- Shipment arrives in covered truck, drivers all wearing Radiation suits.

-2/28 10:40- Radiation crew deploys unknown object into manhole. All NCR personnel make hasty evacuation of the premises, appear to be moving in direction of Camp Golf.

Scout Log

Location: NPC aaIntroTunnelPaladinDead


From Searchlight, 3 potential areas of interest:

Mead Canyon- Vast emptiness. Potential last resort. If Tunnelers don't kill, heat/dehydration will.

Searchlight Airport- Aircraft possibly salvageable. Not large enough to carry all members.

Train Tunnel (near Nipton)- Rubble could be cleared with enough C-4. Would need at least 2 or 3 lbs of the stuff (5 satchels?). End point unknown. Has to be better than Mojave.


Location: NPC NVProspectorFemaleZDEADBlackRockCavern

ID: aatextBlackCavernINTRO

&PCName;'s got a strange look in their eye lately... and I'm afraid. It's the glove. It's always been about the glove. I've got to get out of here.

Declaration of War

Location: NPC 1EFiendViolet


The Red Rocks think they can fool us? HA! We saw them fraternizing with the Vault Men. We SAW. This blatent aggression cannot be ignored. The pride of the Blind Dogs is at stake! Tomorrow, we strike them at their heart. We march on Red Rock Canyon in the morning. To battle!!


Location:NPC RaulTejada


Addressed to Miss Lydia Bernard and Co.,

I couldn't care less about whatever miracle cures you and Royst cooked up in that hellhole. Tell your friends at Camp Golf and Hoover Dam to stop sending me letters. The trial WILL continue and Royst WILL be convicted. If you give me reason, I'll throw you behind bars too. What he did at the Lucky 38 was a crime against nature and is worthy of the harshest sentence our law can provide. Your letters will not sway me.

-Elizabeth Ware

Notes on Ghoulification

Location:NPC aaNCRResearcherBaseF2


Recent observations have concluded that the mutation necessary for the condition colloquially known as "Ghoulification" is much more common than previously thought. In subjects, exposure to high levels of radiation can result in rapid deterioration of the epidermis. Prolonged exposure can lead to irreversible brain damage. This much has been known for years. However, in certain instances, mutation can occur after mere minutes of exposure, even seconds, if the radiation is strong enough.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I'd really like to see that shipment of Rad-X soon.




Merrill's dead. I'm in charge now. And I say we're getting the hell out of here. Back to Hoover Dam. I'm gonna go scout up the sides a bit, see if I can find any others. If anyone else makes it back here, tell them to stay put. We need to stick together.

-Lt. Horn


Location:NPC BoomerDeadHF


This will be my last journal entry. We saw those NCR scumbags coming up the road a few days back. As usual, we began bombarding the entrance- only they must've expected that. The troops we saw were only a diversion. The main force hit us from the back. The ♥♥♥♥ers massacred us. They shot Lindsay right in front of me. Those of us that survived the first attack have retreated down here, but it's only a matter of time before they come down after us. If you're reading this- give them hell.

BoS Communication

Location: -


User 1: Testing, testing. This is Scribe Huxley transmitting from Fort Searchlight. Is the radio in working condition? Over.

User 2: Hear you loud and clear Huxley. Can't believe she actually works! A few extra bits and pieces and we'll have this thing up and ready for scouting flights. Over.

Mission Log

Location: NPC aaBoSFriendly1


Before leaving Washington, Elder Lyons gave us the location of just about every Brotherhood of Steel Outpost between there and California. The Mojave was supposed to be more civilized than most places but since our arrival those reports have proven to be false. We are under almost constant attack, whether it be by raiders or these reptilian beasts that seem to have decimated every settlement in the area. We have explored the area called “Helios One” and found no trace of our Brothers. Is it possible that they were killed by these beasts we keep seeing? Brother Morris and Paladin Volliece have already been killed by the creatures so it is a possibility. Our mission is to travel to the Long 15 to California and return to our brothers there, but if Sarah could see this place... These people need our help and if my mission says I must abandon them, then to hell with my mission! My duty is to protect the people and that is exactly what I intend to do!




-Scout perimeter [X]

-Catch dinner [X]

-Eat dinner [X]

-Die [ ]

Two bullets left. Here goes nothing.

Dina's Diary




Today I saw the sky! Susanne woke me up early and we watched the sun rise over the canyon and for a little bit the clowds were gone! Maybe this home will be a good home. Susanne says there won't be any scary monsters here, because they are to big and clumsy for the bridges. I hope we get to stay.


Location:NPC NVCCAurelius


I, Aurelius, King of Aurelia, Hoover Canyon, and the Holy Roman Empire, do hereby decree that all citizens must harvest a biweekly quota of, or exceeding, 3 Wind Brahmin, 4 Metal Spoons, and 18 Calipers. Failure to meet said quota will result in immediate exile/decapitation.

Transcribed Audio Log #164A3

Location:aaSecuritronDead (The Tomb)



(All audio property of House Industries c2077)

USER 1: They tried to pin this on me you know... all of this.

USER 1: After Hoover Dam the NCR had a price on my head. They said I was a terrorist. A war criminal. But all I did, I did for Vegas.



USER 1: I FU*** DID.

USER 1: *Violent coughing*



USER 1: A price for a head. And now you've come to pay it.

USER 2: *Muffled screaming*

USER 1: *Dull thud*

Words for The End



Here Lies A Killer.

Here Lies A Savior.

Here Lies A Father.

Here Lies A Courier.

Shot Once, Buried Twice. Walked the sands and Rolled the Dice. Fought the Bull and Whipped the Bear But never had a Chip to Spare.

Is any Road as Lonesome as the Road You Pave Yourself?

Is any Road as Lonesome as the Tomb?


Location:NPC CrimsonCaravanBlake


It's strange returning here after all this time. Everything's gone to hell now, but I can't help but remember when this place teemed with life. Travellers to the Strip, Caravans out of NCR...

They always say: "War Never Changes". Sometimes I wonder...


Dammit Jim

Location:NPC aaCrossbowSurvivor


Jim was supposed to be here. The plan was for us to meet here, by the docks, and head down to Searchlight. That's what he said. Goddamn suma♥♥♥♥♥ probably took the gear and ran. Well fu** 'im. Who needs 'im?


Location:NPC VHDMikeLawson


Just got word from Camp Golf; Pretty exciting stuff! Much more cost effective than turning this entire place into a giant water filter (which would be pretty useless anyways, considering the general lack of water around here). I've requested a transfer. I want to be at the front line of getting this thing mass produced.


Location:NPC VHDMikeLawson


To Elizabeth Ware,

It has now been over a year since your investigation began, and we have still received no word from the sewers. Clearly they've found nothing. I urge you to drop the charges against Dr. Royst and advance your career by some other means. The scientific achievements he has helped attain are so far above anything happening in California that to lock him away would in itself be a crime against humanity.

-Head Researcher at Hoover Dam, Mike Lawson


Location:NPC aaDEADDeathclawVictim


Walt, I'm telling you, we HAVE to strengthen our defences. These walls are great and all but they won't help if the Deathclaws come knocking. We just don't have the ammo to deal with that kind of threat. I'm talking stakes, mines, barbed wire... the whole deal. We have to go into Vegas. There'll be plenty of scavving to do there.


Location:NPC aaDisgruntledNCRNote


I'm not sure how much more I can stand being here.

Yesterday there was a group of about four people gathered at the Outpost, they were hungry, thirsty, and most likely needed a good sleep, and while I can understand shooting on raving psychos and tribals, I don't abide by shooting defenseless people and stringing them up on the gate as "a warning".

I'm sick of it, and I'm not alone. Me and a few buddies from bootcamp are leaving the Outpost and heading back to California, as soon as this damn storm ends, If it ever does.




If you can read this, run. The NCR are not what they once were, I'm an enlisted man and they didn't even seem to give a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ when they emptied into me and my group, simply for being out of uniform. How the ♥♥♥♥ does someone keep their uniform tidy in the midst of this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ situation?

We're done for. Take whatever I've got that hasn't been looted by cannibals, and just get out of here, The NCR is not here to help you.




We, the Cloud Walkers, Last of Caesar's Loyal, do Hereby Swear by the Madre and the Father that the NCR shall No Longer Hold Sway over This Land. With The Father's Loving Guidance, we Shall Scourge The Bear from the Face of the Earth.

The Father's Sermon

Location:NPC NVDLC01Elijah

ID: aatextDLC01Elijah

My Children. For over 200 years, humanity has wallowed in filth. We have felt the pain of hunger, the burn of radiation, and the sting of harsh winds on our face. But it was not always like this. There was a time when life was easy, when life was long. We call it the "Old World"; a time of paradise and plenty. Well today we sit at the precipice of the Old World. Thanks to your sacrifices, I am able to stand here before you and welcome you to the New Old World. You have done well, my children.

The weapons you delivered the Bear Men have destroyed them. Their cities now lie in ruins. Soon, my army of robots will come here to rescue us, and we shall be revered above all others as the saviors of the Wasteland. Let us drink now to glorious victory and the days to come!

Logs #473, #474



Log #473

Commotion outside the gates yesterday. Would say tech scavvers, but too clean. Looks like NCR, but not all in uniform. Searching trucks? I've got a few collars left...

Log #474

They're gone. Just grabbed some unused Hazmat suits and took off. Definitely NCR. Left behind a bear flag and everything. If they come back, I may be able to make use of them.

Logs #497 - #499



Log #497

NCR back. Third time this month. More out of uniform. Horned hats? They look almost tribal. Have a hypothesis that needs testing. Will follow up tomorrow.

Log #498

I've left out some trinkets for the tribal(?) members of the group. They appear to be doing the majority of the scavenging. Uniformed troops hang back. May be able to smuggle notes in.

Log #499

Tribals have responded to guidance. So far they have passed on all tech I've given them. What's next? Rigged bomb collars? Will have to think it over.

Log #612

Location:NPC NVDLC01Elijah


Log #612

Tribals rioted last night. Killed the NCR Officers. NCR collapsed the front gate. The only gate. Only other way out of here is the sewer line to Boneyard, and that place is covered in the Cloud. Only consolation, I suppose. Beat the NCR. I can only hope something better will take their place.

Auto-Pilot Data Log




Auto-Pilot Pathfinder coordinates reset to: "Sierra Madre, California".

Finding GPS Location... GPS Location Complete.

Rerouting default flight path.



User Input Type String: "Note: Bill- I've already pre-programmed the coordinates you need into the Bird. This DOES NOT mean that she's ready for flight! Don't let Commander Shaughnessy send her out on that rescue mission of his while I'm away. She still needs her ventilation chambers fixed to deal with all that cloud residue."







Military Orders

Location:NPC aaDLC01trooperSkeletonWithNote



Your orders are as follows.

Escort the Tribals west, to the Sierra Madre. Last mission's success has allowed for further exploration of the Sierra Madre proper. Breach the gate and enter the Villa. From there, allow the Tribals full reign of the operation. They have proved themselves trustworthy thus far, and are quite capable of uncovering hidden tech. Once sufficient tech has been secured, return with all haste to Camp Adytum to await further instructions.

Bloodstained Scroll



The Walls Speak True. The Tall One. The Branch Fingers. He Hunts. He Finds. He Kills. The Walls Speak True. The Walls Speak True. The Walls Speak True.

Daniel's Account

Location:NVDLC02ZionLodge (Interior)


May 14th, 2282

Dead Horse Point is gone. Raiders perhaps, Legion most likely. It had to have happened months ago. There was nothing but ash and bones by the time I got there. Joshua won't be happy to see me again, but I can tell him that I owe it to the Dead Horses to deliver the news. Maybe they'll take this as a sign. A lesson of what happens when they allow their reckless warmongering to take control. Violence leaves nothing but death in her wake.

June 3rd, 2282

A hunting party found me on the canyon edge. Dancing Flame was among them. I welcomed him warmly, but he dismissed my greetings. His tattoos were different, I noticed. He'd gone over them with other ink. Dead Horse ink. I've asked to be taken to Joshua (surely he's taken control of the Sorrows by now, warping them to his desires, teaching them in the ways of war), but that likely won't happen until morning.

June 4th, 2282

As predicted, none received my welcome well. Joshua seemed downright murderous upon the sight of me, but I managed to slip out my message before he pistol-whipped me to death. Joshua was stunned, but it was the Dead Horses that truly broke down. Apparently they'd been planning on leaving Zion. They'd have left the Sorrows here, and set up trade lines with them. Like real civilizations.

Why do I even try?

June 6th, 2282

Joshua's begun to ask me more about the going-ons of the outside world. Turns out he's been fairly isolated down here. I told him of the fate of the Legion, the fate of Caesar. Of course, his bandages prevented me from telling how he felt about that. He's offered me a place in Angel Cave. Perhaps he wishes to mend relations with me? Should allow me to get closer to the Sorrows. I may be able to save them yet.

June 11th, 2282

Turns out the hunting party wasn't chasing Bighorners. They call them "Moss Men". I'd heard of them in passing, during my last stay in Zion, but now they seem to be all anyone's ever concerned about.

January 9th, 2283

Three more infected. I wanted to burn the bodies, but Joshua refused. I tried to enlist the aid of White Bird and Running Bear in burning the corpses in secret, but it seems they too have fallen to the Cult of the Burned Man.

Damn him.

November 12th, 2284

His cough has only gotten worse. He seems convinced that his death is near. I reassured him that I would take good care of the tribes in his absence, but he only laughed in my face. Apparently he's already arranged for Follows-Chalk to take the place as leader of the Two Tribes. All these years by his side, and he still doesn't trust me.

December 2nd, 2284

Follows-Chalk took Joshua's body to the Aerie. His love for Joshua exceeds his fear of the taboo. As is expected, I gave a half-hearted protest about burning him, but was immediately shot down by White Bird. "He's been burned enough". Typical. Good luck getting up there, anyways. The whole area's swarming with Moss Men.

March 22nd, 2285

One got into camp today. Tore apart two warriors before they put him down. I lit the bodies up in the night. I don't care what they think anymore. It's the only way any of us will survive this.

April 6th, 2285

Leads-With-Chalk finally listened. Construction on defenses began yesterday. Rows of spikes, walls, traps, the whole deal. It'll be difficult, but if what the hunters say is true... these stories of a giant... of a... what is it they call it? A Windego? A Wendijo? Well, a giant Moss Man, regardless. We need to be ready for such a thing, if ever it comes for us.

March 1st, 2286

Leads-With-Chalk has ordered the exodus of Zion. They're heading south, to the Mojave. I will not be joining them. Something seems off... about the weather... about this... Wendigo. If what I believe is true, this thing CAN die, and I will be the one to kill it. It shall burn... HE shall burn.


Hunting Log



He remembers. He will return for me here. And when he does... Fire cleanses. And he remembers.

Base Camp Has Fallen

Location:NPC aaDLC02GenStoreRadSuit


McDonnell heard them coming. Too many to fight. Too close to run. She let them take her. Let us prepare. Eliott was next.

The door's locked, but they won't leave. And if by chance they do... I won't.

Resupply Run

Location:NVDLC02ZionStation (Interior)


I need you to head back up to the Narrows camp again. Their excavation has made good progress in finding that key, but they're still lacking in explosives. Take the supply we found at the Ranger Station (left it out back in the duffle for you). Bring Private Donovan. I don't care what he says, his leg's fine.

Last Words of Joshua Graham

Location:NVDLC02SecTAerie or NVDLC02EasternVirginAngelCave


(As recorded by Daniel, of New Canaan)

I can feel death upon me. At Hoover Dam, I never felt such a thing. I had the fire within me to counter the flames outside. I feel no fire now.

Follows-Chalk. Come. From this day forth I name you "Leads-With-Chalk". You will be the new leader of the Two Tribes. I trust that you will protect them, and prove a wise and deliberate ruler, in time.

Do not mourn my passing. There are more evils to fight in this valley before such a luxury can be had. Remain strong, but... do not be afraid to run. Though I have not always agreed with him, Daniel has taught me one thing. It is not wrong to turn the other cheek. If we had heeded his advice, we would not be here today. If the times comes when fighting is no longer an option, do not be afraid to leave. For though you will weep at the memory of sweet Zion, there are other lands beyond this valley. Go to the Courier. In Vegas. There you will find refuge. There you will find redemption.

Key Acquired

Location:NPC aaDLC02TrooperKey


We're close. We found documents from some post-war missionary that mention moving the key to a cave in the canyons up north. I'm sending Finley down to your location with this message- he can fill you in on the details. We'll tear this place apart if we have to.


Map of Grand Staircase



This appears to be a map of a large valley, located somewhere in Utah.

Retreat Strategies

Location:NPC aaDLC02RangerStationRadSuit


Due to the rockslide, the path we took into this canyon is no longer a viable option. From what I can gather from these old ranger reports, there are only two other ways out of the valley.

There's a tunnel to the south that'll give us a fairly direct route back to the Mojave. Unfortunately, the trail is not always an obvious one (the rangers here reported at least half a dozen different instances of hikers becoming lost in the area), and will require a map to properly navigate.

The other option is a tunnel to the east. This path is far less confusing, as we'd need only follow the road out. Much to all of our dismay, the scouts we sent to the area reported that not only was the gate locked shut, but that it had become a veritable hive of Carrier activity.

I suggest checking the nearby Ranger Stations for keys and maps in addition to typical supplies. If none are found, we'll head south blindly, and hope for the best.


Location:NPC aaDLC02ButchCompanion


Butch woke me up this morning- he'd found the end of the tunnel. And just as they'd all said, there she was. The tower above the desert.

This is it. I can feel it. Safety. No more fighting to survive. No more hiding. No more hiding from... It.

Butch says not to get my hopes up, but come on. Anything's better than Zion. It's got to be.


Location:NPC aaDLC02Butch


We're here. We're free. God, it doesn't feel like a week. All the places I've been, all the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ that I've seen, and I ain't never heard of anything like what's out there in Zion. I barred that gate shut and buried the key deep. Ain't no one down here gonna have to deal with that ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

I can still hear her. In my head.

Wendy, you clever girl. You almost had us... almost.

A Warning



This is what happens when you mess with Emmett R. Mutton, Sr.! Don't follow us. Zion's ours now.

The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Location:NPC aaDLC02SkeletonWakingCloud


The way to Grand Staircase is blocked. We had no choice but to delve into the Long Dark that is the tunnels. Six days we travelled through the darkness. Six nights we wondered if we would ever see the end. When finally we emerged, we were met only with terror. A scorched and wind-torn land lay before us. But life lingers in the harshest of places.

We saw tents in the valley, and campfires. We set out to meet with them, but the People of the Desert met us first. They shot Dancing Flame, and he danced no longer. They shot Running Bear, and he ran no longer. They shot Leads-With-Chalk, but he did not stop leading. He drew his War Club and charged the enemy, without fear in his eyes.

I would like to remember him in that moment only.

Back to the tunnel we went, and for six more days we made the journey back to Zion. But now we see the truth of it. The door is locked. The door is locked and only one man has the key to unlock it.


Strange Signals

Location:NPC aaDLC03BoSLeader2


I was getting some strange signals on the radio the other day. On one frequency some psycho kept ranting about his "Bloodshrine" while on the other there was nothing but the sound of gushing water. I assumed it was just the Scavvers... until they knocked most of the signals offline yesterday with that absurd tower of theirs. It begs the question- If that wasn't the Scavvers... who was it?

Project Progress

Location:NPC aaDLC03BoSLeader


So far, no luck. We've tried prying, ramming, and blasting. Nothing. Those doors are staying shut. We can only hope the Teleportalponder isn't in the Sink, because if this water rises any more, we're all done for.

Progress Report

Location:NPC NVDLC03RefugeeBoss1


Progress on rerouting the perimeter teleporter signals is going surprisingly well. Straying outside the boundaries of the facility will bring the subject straight here. Now we just need to set up some traps in the area and that tech'll harvest itself.

Still no word on the location of the Teleportalponder.

Tales From the Tunnel Part 2



After the First Coming we were lured into a false sense of security. Under Junaid's leadership, we saw no limit to our growth. It was a time of peace and prosperity. We had food and water. In time, even the storms calmed. And so we let down our guard.

And once again the Tunnel Men took advantage of our foolishness. No more the knotted hair, no... but the painted faces they still had. Though perhaps a different style...

They came again and burned down our tents. They burnt down our crops. They shot our sick and butchered our young. And this time, we had no more mercy. We tracked them to the very source. Past the Vault, through the Dark. And we finished them.

For now.

What we learned from this is of the utmost importance. The Tunnel Men may come in many forms. The paint of their faces may change, but their heart never will. Any who come through that door are evil. Any who come through that door shall die.

Carlos' Journal

Location:NPC aaDLC04DustWalker4


Sun's Dawn, 13th

Heber returned with the hunting party this morning! He says they encountered the Mole Herders two days past. The Herders speak of a gathering of the tribes, and Heber volunteered us as Host! Imagine- the Five Tribes, HERE. I'm too excited to sleep! Preparation for the festivities begins tomorrow. Heber'll no doubt have to organize another hunting party to get enough food for them all (We all remember the appetite of those Stone Wolves!)

Morning's Day, 14th

Arta's leading the building crew in the Market District. They've made good progress already! I've been sent to find Zai, the old rascal. Probably meditating out in the sands, somewhere. Hope he's not far, I don't want to miss a thing!

Tue's Day, 15th

The Deep Wells and Sun Children arrived early this morning! What treasurers they bring! Fresh fruit, pure water, strange and wonderous creatures. The others are expected to arrive soon enough. What wonders await (and do any of them accept tins cans as currency)?

Wind's Dawn, 16th

Turns out they do! I got some pure water and even a Brock Fal'ower (am I spelling that right? It's the colorful thing, with the petals) for my visit with Hadiya. I can't wait to see the look on her face! The look in those deep, brown, eyes...

Guard Duty, Again

Location:NPC aaDLC04DustWalker2


The Mole Herders and Sun Children are dancing and drinking across the Market District, and I'm stuck here on guard duty. The Marked never shut up about the "Tunnel Men" that supposedly live down there. Yeah, right. It's been what, 15, 20 years since something came from down there? I think they're just worried about wild Deathclaws, but if Zai's to be believed, they aren't that hard to tame. Maybe I'll run off with the Children, when they leave. It's got to be less boring up north.

Absolution In The Face Of Death Pt. IV

Location:NPC aaDLC04DustWalker02


(The book appears to be a series of philosophical writings. The last page is bookmarked.)

Below I hear the fighting. This is the Third Coming of The Tunnel Men. It was foretold. Foretold by the Child of Prophecy, who came to me in my darkest hour, and gave me the faith to continue on.

To the leader of the Tunnel Men, I speak now to you. From this day forth you are cursed. You shall never find a safe place in this Wasteland, for you have taken it from the Earth this day. All that was beautiful, all that was calm, you burned. Go back to your tunnel and die there, for you shall find no absolution in this world.

~Junaid, of the Dust Walkers

Tales From the Tunnel Part 1



The old grandfathers like to tell ghost stories to the children about how the Tunnel Men will come and get them if they don't eat their Yucca. Well I was there that day. The day of the First Coming.

Demons they were. Knotted hair and painted faces. They bore a resemblance to another we once knew... A coincidence? I think not. They came forth in our darkest hour, at our weakest point. We were leaderless, a lost cause. The Tunnel Men took advantage of that. In a wave of fire and death they burned all we had left. And yet we survived. We killed their leaders and cast them from the High Road. And from there we followed them to the source. Down the Tunnel we went until... until we found the Vault.

Bodies upon bodies. Piles of them in every corner. And at the center of it all... a single Jukebox. It had witnessed their massacre. So many lives torn away... and the Jukebox played through it all.

Old Masks, Old History

Location:NPC aaDLCDustWalker3


That fool Nereus went and bought one of those masks from the Stone Wolves.

I thought Junaid had the last of those things melted down years ago. I guess Life isn't the only thing that persists out here. Those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s probably forged them just to ♥♥♥♥♥♥ us off. I know Junaid would council patience, but I've had just about enough of their "humor".

Nereus won't let anyone near it- and rightly so. Any one of us would cast it into the flame if we got our hands on it. He's too young to know its history.

Ismael and Manuel have kept the peace so far, but I can see the anger in their eyes.

Aisha's Sermon

Location:NPC NVDLC04Road02MarkedMenScout


The new Watchers are young, reckless. They do not understand the "why" of our duties.

20 years ago, our people were weak. We followed blindly a false prophet with braided hair. He spoke to us of vengeance, vengeance against those that had betrayed us to the Wind and Fire of the Divide. He told of us a monster, more terrible than any other. He told us of how this monster killed the Divide, killed Ashton. How he set it aflame and laughed as it burned.

But when the time came... When we saw this monster...

We saw only a man.

And within days, both were gone from this land, never to be seen again. They had killed each other with their hatred, no doubt. We were left with nothing but crumbling ruins to follow. Where would we go from there? We were lost.

But then came Junaid. Junaid told us that our anger and pain was needless. That we still lived, and that life remained beautiful, even in the Divide. He showed us that even in the harshest places, life persists. One day he took me to an empty stretch of desert. I saw nothing but rocks and ruins for miles. He asked me which of God's creatures there I found the most beautiful. I was confused, as there were none there but for the two of us. Junaid only smiled, and lifted up a rock to see. Underneath lay a mother Mole Rat, and her pups, asleep in their den.

20 years ago, the Tunnel Men came through that mountain, with painted faces, and braided hair. They burned everything we had left, but we survived. We fought them back. In the deserts, in the caves, we fought them. And when the smoke cleared, we emerged victorious.

Life persists.

The Divide was a harsh place in those early years after Ulysses. The Tunnelers, the Deathclaws, the sand storms. We tamed the Deathclaws, ran off the Tunnelers, and covered our skin from the sands. But though we live, we still remember how it was in those early days. We remember the struggle to survive. For that reason, we must be kind to those in the Wasteland- those who need our help. We can, and have, raised them up to live among us.

But we must remember also those who do not need our help. Those who took our help and cast it into the dust. We must remember and NEVER forget. For in the wastes always there shall be false prophets.

20 years ago the Tunnel Men burned our villages. We forgave them. They returned five years later, with different tattoos, and burned our villages a second time. We are done forgiving. If ever a soul opens that door, know that it is evil, and its life shall not persist.

Watcher's Log

Location:NPC aaDLC04DustWalker1


Nothing today.

It's funny how much fear we've built up over this one little door. I've never seen anything come out of it. But Junaid says to "Stay vigilant!", so I guess I'll keep watching!

It's not all bad. I get to stay in the shade up here, and Carlos brought me some water from the Deep Wells yesterday! It was nice, but it was nicer to see Carlos so excited. I only hope I can get down to the Market before the fun's all over! Maybe tonight I'll be off duty.


Location:NPC ElReyDruggie


Up in the old El Rey Motel, on the roof. Key's under the bed in the room we met in the day of the King's breakout.

Be careful out there.


Location:NPC 1EDeadGuyAcceptance


Here lies Hank Jacobson Sr. He shared my name, and shared my road for many a mile. He raised me to the best of his ability and taught me everything I know. But more important than any of that, he gave me hope. Despite all that happened, he stayed hopeful. He was a great man, and lord knows I miss him already. But I must carry on. Carry on for his sake. I'll miss you, Dad.

Evacuation Notice



By order of PRESIDENT LEE OLIVER all non-military inhabitants of the Mojave Wasteland are hereby evicted due to dangerous conditions and significant threats to the civilian population.

This includes, but is not limited to

-ALL citizens of New Vegas and outlying hamlets (Westside, North Vegas, etc) -ALL citizens of Boneyard and outlying hamlets (Adytum, etc)

-ALL citizens of Phoenix and outlying hamlets (East Town, Glendale, etc) -ALL towns and settlements in the Mojave Wasteland*

-ALL gangs, tribes, and/or other militant factions in the Mojave Wasteland*

-ALL individual and "lone-wolf" inhabitants residing in the Mojave Wasteland*

  • The area of evacuation is hereby specified as all lands between Caliente and Anza-Borrego (N-S) and all lands between Junktown and Flagstaff (W-E).
    • The Hub is exempt from all evacuation procedures.

Inhabitants of New Vegas are to proceed at once to New Reno for relocation.

Inhabitants of Boneyard are to proceed at once to Dayglow for relocation.

Inhabitants of Phoenix are to proceed at once to Two Sun for relocation.

Failure to comply with the above procedures will result in immediate detainment/eradication.

Investigation Report



It's been two weeks since our Investigative Task Force climbed into the Sewers beneath New Vegas. We have had no contact with them for 12 days. It's time to call it quits. As much as I hate to return to California empty handed, it's for the best. With luck, we'll be able to assemble a second force and get to the bottom of this. If not, no matter. We have enough against Royst to put him behind bars for a century, even without physical evidence of his work at the Lucky 38.


Location:NPC DoctorUsanagi


Unable to reach extraction point. Ghouls everywhere. Marion and Esmond made it to the Vertibird in time, but Cal... I had to help him, right? I had to try.

We've returned to the Clinic for now. Perhaps we can try to hike our way to one of the NCR bases. It'll be tough, but it's really our only option now.


Location:NPC aaFortDustWalker2


We left Hopeville on the eve of the celebration and I fear we may not return in time to join in the festivities. Regardless, our mission is one of great importance. The omens Elder Zai spoke of are dark indeed. I think he fears an attack by the Tunnel Men. I can only hope that he is wrong.

Welcome... (1)



Hello &PCName;. I've been expecting you.

...To The Ultra Lux (2)



What you see around you are the remains of the Ultra Lux. There was a time, not so long ago, that this place represented the Height of Living. Only a select few were accepted as members. Those that were dined on the finest foods in the Wasteland. But like most things in this world, the Ultra Lux was not all that it seemed.

Secrets and Answers (3)



There are many secrets in this world. And by some cruel stroke, the gods granted us curiosity, so that we may forever be cursed to find answers. No doubt that's what's brought you here. It's what brought me...

Remember. (4)



There was a time when men came to me for answers. I went by a different name then...

Before you walk through that door, I warn you- There is very little chance that I am still sane, if I am alive at all. I have left these letters for you in the hope that I may help one last soul before my mind leaves me. Come forth if you want answers, but know that our meeting will end in blood.




I managed to find some cracks through the old walls. I don't imagine I was the first to use those tunnels, but I was certainly the last. The whole thing crashed down behind me as soon as I was through. If that's not a metaphor, I don't know what is...

I've made camp in one of the old casinos. It looks as if someone else set up camp here, once. I'll explore the other floors tomorrow, but for now I must rest. My head is killing me.

Mysterious Note

Location:188TradingPost or SafehouseInsane or 3CBoatRentals



Ultra Lux. Three days.

Scribe's Notes

Location:NPC FortAntony


Many pilgrims come to the Four Stones to receive blessings in these days. Just this evening we were visited by an envoy of the Five Tribes. The Dust Walkers among them spoke of dark omens from the Cursed Passage. I pray for their village's safety. It has faced enough cruelty in its time.

Tattered Note

Location:NPC aaskeletoncurfewviolator


Jean went missing last night. This town isn't big, and the gates are locked. We all know what happened to her. We've seen them prowling the streets, looking for "Curfew Violators". ♥♥♥♥ them. ♥♥♥♥ them all.


Location:NPC aaskeletonexecution2



Get the kids, pack your bags, we're getting the hell out of here. NCR's going down the street shooting dissenters. We gotta leave.


Expeditionary Log

Location:NPC VFSArcadeGannon


Log Entry 4

We've reached the Vegas Barrier. We've set up camp outside the North Gate and await that shipment of Arc Welders from Nellis to cut this thing open.

Log Entry 5

Freeside. Not much has changed. Still the same old ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Took out a couple ghouls, but the boys are still getting tics on the geiger counters.

Log Entry 48

Food's gone. Water's nearly gone. We've all got radiation poisoning. But hey, good ♥♥♥♥ing news: We found the explosives! Thank god, huh? SOUND THE ♥♥♥♥ING BELLS! We found your mini-nukes Kimball! As if Kimball even knows we're ♥♥♥♥ing here. Well we'll let him know. We're gonna light a fire so bright Kim'll think it's the Great War all over again.

Jean's Diary



Billy's stopped coming to see me lately. I think maybe that mean old Sergeant he's always talking about pulled him from patrol duty. I sure hope he hasn't been sent out into the storm. I think maybe I'll have to go have a talk with that Sergeant tonight.

Last Words

Location:NPC VFSJamesGarret


If you're reading this- Know that the NCR are monsters. Do not be fooled by their rhetoric. We barely got a dozen people out of the Strip. Just as we got that gate open, the Troopers came out guns blaring. Last I saw they were pulling people out into the streets. Execution style. I think King got out with a few Freesiders. At least some got out... I'm done, but remember what I've written here. Commit it to memory. Do not let us have died in vain. KILL NCR.

-James Garret

Crumpled Note

Location:NPC VMS49Vagrant


Boys, you'll have your caps when we get to the Strip. My uncle had a strongbox buried out back behind Gomorrah. If I've told you once, I've told you a million times. The 2000 caps I've got now are for the gate check. You know how the NCR is about that kind of thing. When we get inside, I'll get you your caps.






It's time. Gather your men and meet us at the Gate.

-The King


Location:NPC NCRCampGolfResearcher


Had to conduct ANOTHER training seminar on the proper usage of the new batch of Rad-X. Apparently some half-witted private OD'd by taking the capsules directly, despite all of the warning labels printed directly onto the jar. Talk about natural selection. The Rad-X is meant only to be dissolved into water. One jar of Experimental Rad-X is potent enough to thoroughly cleanse 4 bottles of water, regardless of the level of contamination.

I'm getting real tired of explaining this. They'd better get us our equipment soon. I'm done waiting.

Experiment Report

Location:NPC 2CDocSawbones


Preliminary tests suggest that the experiment was a complete success! Despite the massive levels of radiation previously recorded in the reservoir, it is now completely free of contamination! Good news, considering the Major was looking to scalp us for wasting so much of the new Rad-X to do it. I'm confident that we can cleanse the entirety of the Wasteland if given the supplies. The only problem is that all of our old equipment is buried under a pile of rubble in downtown Vegas. I've requested that an expedition be sent into the city, but I'm not optimistic that the Major will be willing to take the risk.

Captive Notes



Recently we caught a Smoothskin NCR Trooper. This was our first since the Fall of Vegas. We brought him through the Great Hall to teach him what happens to NCR Scum. He seemed shocked by the decor of the place. He asked us, "Why do you strew your hall with corpses and bones?" "Why do you hang the heads of your foes upon chains?" I told him, "Death is not to be feared. It is to be embraced. For everything dies, and the pain of death is nothing to the pain of living."

To fully illustrate my point, we flayed him living.

Eris Quod Sum

Location:NPC aatrooperSkeletonGomorrah


What you are, I once was; what I am, you will become. For Oblivion is inevitable, and everything dies.

Crumpled Note

Location:NPC Jessup


Bury the bodies. Bury The Bodies. BURY THE BODIES. DIG DIG DIG. Keep digging. Never stop. NEVER STOP.


Location:NPC NVCGHalford


I was outside the Bunker when everything happened, and now there’s no going back. I can only hope that some of the ones in Hidden Valley made it. Probably doesn’t matter now. It’s been decades. Odds are everyone there is dead anyway. Even if they aren’t it’s not like they can leave. Lucky for them that scribe, what was her name? It doesn’t matter. They’re lucky she retrieved that farming data from the Vault. If they managed to get things up and running, that place should be pretty self sustaining. That is assuming they’re still getting fresh water into the bunker. I’m still building a life out here. I found this shack that I can sleep in, I just I wish I still had my old Power Armor. If someone besides me is reading this then that means I’m probably dead, in which case the shack is yours assuming somebody else hasn’t already moved in there. The shack is just east of Freeside, near Nellis Airfield. Good luck out there. It’s hell.


Location:NPC VRemCannibalJohnson


Two weeks since our camp got ambushed. Far as I know, only one person made it out alive.

Got a pretty sweet setup in an old cave to the south. I'll stick around here for the time being, until I can scout the area for survivors. Might be someone else got out.

Outpost Log

Location:NPC vMOHumanCattle2


Log Entry 148

Jesus, these people are psychos. I don't know what they want, but they've had us locked in this cage since they took the Outpost. There were four of us in here, but now it's just us. They told us the other prisoners had been "released", but I don't trust 'em. I sure as hell am not going down without a fight. Next time they open that cage door, I'm making a break for it.




Welcome to Kai-sar's Hill. Here you may worship in peace- safe from the horrors beyond the canyon. Visit the Four Stones, or try our delicious Tunneler Steaks! Only the Guard holds weapons here- all others must relinquish their arms before entering these walls. Those that wish to enter the Inner Sanctum and read the sacred scripts must speak to Scribe Morka'ad.


Location:NPC aaFortPilgrimTribal2


Here at last! Our journey has been a long one, but it is good to finally rest. Tomorrow we will speak with the Scribe. I much desire to enter the Sanctum. They say you can see his bones- touch them even. What an honor that would be... I wonder what it was like in those days... Imagine: a great army of the Free People of the East, ready to challenge the Bear. No longer.

Nursery Rhymes For The Unsound of Mind

Location:NPC aaInsaneRoomChildDead2 or aaInsaneRoomChildDead1


&PCName; is a murderer! &PCName; is a thief! &PCName; eats flesh and pretends it's beef!

Mysterious Note




Really Great Motivation From Your Brain

Location:NPC aaInsaneSewersChildDead1


You're never leaving, &PCName;. You're going to die here. Do you hear me? You. Are. Doomed.


Location:NPC aaIntroDEADWastelanderAAM


Ooh, boy! We're eatin' tonight! Yessir, that wanderer we been trackin's got a can of beans! Tess 'n Dulcie say we oughta ambush 'em tonight. Take their beans and whatever else they've got while they're sleeping. In and out, real nice. Nobody has to get hurt this time.

Terminal Entry



We arrived at dawn. A welcome sight. It's been almost a month since the beginning of the Revolution. And already, I fear it's over. Perhaps our stay here will allow us time to regroup before we head back into Vegas. Our host seems welcoming enough (for a Super Mutant), but Pacer's wary.

Terminal Entry



It's been a while since I've used this old thing. But something's happening. Tensions are rising. Pacer's making a play, or my name isn't Lucky Jim Harding. If it comes to blood, I side with Marcus. He's been good to us these past 13 years. Pacer, though...

The Revolution as a movement may be over, but her spirit can still live on. The greed, the corruption of the past need not continue on. Pacer doesn't understand this.

War never changes. Men do.

Terminal Entry




Letter of Complaint



To Ambassador Rivera,

I must contest the absolutely inadequate conditions at the new Lucky 38 Laboratories. I find it quite difficult, actually, to even call them labs at all. One cannot simply throw a hundred broken terminals and some heavy machinery into a casino and call it a place of science! Your men didn't even clear out all of the slot machines, for crying out loud! There's no way to seal off sections of the lab, in the case of an emergency, and there is barely any room to conduct experiments! It's pathetic and I fully expect you to remedy this. It is simply unacceptible.

-Lydia Bernard

Lab Report





As per usual, we have been unable to isolate the "Radiation Resistance/Immunity" gene from any of our testing subjects. So far this has inclluded

-Ghouls (Feral and otherwise)

-Super Mutants (2nd/3rd Generation)(Nightkin omitted)

-Numerous Fungi species

We do have promising leads in the testing of Centaurs, and have requested additional test subjects from the NCR. Utilizing methods observed at Mariposa and other Super Mutant strongholds, we may be able to splice certain genes into our human test subjects, however (as mentioned previously) isolating the correct gene will be a process of trial and error.


Location:NPC VMSTopsLonesomeDrifter


You are one lucky SOB, Jim. Can't believe you made it outta Vegas. I saw the NCR lock those gates and I thought you were a goner. Anyways, we're heading south like you said. Got the gang back together and everything. Meet you at Searchlight.



Location:NPC GnGlupe


Passed the Grup n' Gulp two days back. Some group had taken it over... butchered all the brahmin. I thought about killing 'em, but the sound would've attracted Tunnelers

Was It Worth It!?




Bears, Humbled



This Is What Happens.

He Was Right



He was right all along. You didn't believe me. No one believed me. But now they're here. They're everywhere. And they will kill you. Sun or cloud, night or day, they will seek you.

Like The View?



You're about to like it even more.

Patrol Log



I can still hear them.

Clawing. Screaming through the barred doors. And then a silence. Nothing but the wind...

When the storm cleared, we searched through the rubble for their bodies. They may have wanted our heads on spikes, but they were people, damn it. They deserved a proper burial. How wrong I was. There was nothing left, you see. No bodies, no Strip. Just dust and rubble. Would that we had found them... put an end to this...

Patrol Log



They come at night.

At first they only tried the door. Then the windows. Now it's tunnels. Broke right through the concrete, damned if I know how they did it. Tried to fill it up, but it's only a matter of time. Sent some men out into the fog to try to find a way out. No word yet.




♥♥♥♥♥♥ man, things are getting pretty rough. How long do you really think this place can last? I'm taking the guns and heading out with the Kings. You'll come too if you know what's good for you.


Combat Log



♥♥♥♥ this. I'm done. I'm taking the squad and we're heading north. I don't know what we'll find, but it's got to better than the NCR. How long have they been at it, do you think? Since Vegas? Hoover Dam? Before? God, they didn't think we'd even question it. Just follow orders, that's the drill. Yessir, Nossir. Never trust a scientist, that's what I say.


Location:NPC CampGolfRanger1


Key to The Strip. If the Expedition to Freeside proves successful, future expeditions farther into the interior of the city may be in order. In such a case, this key may be used to open the gate into the Strip proper. Please do not lose this key as a certain Private (no longer in our service) did the key to the Shuttle Station. We cannot afford to waste resources cutting open doors as we did in Freeside.

Combat Log

Location:NPC aatrooperSkeleton2WithNote


Entry 147-A

Why can't they understand? Why can't they just get it through their thick skulls that we're trying to help them? If what those researchers say is true, everything could change. We could bring back the old world, in all its glory. No more digging in the dirt, staving off starvation and death. We could live. Truly live!




Tereus! The Time Has Come To March On The Foul Tribesman Who Most Thoroughly Crucified Heliodoro, Son of Branimir And His Kinsmen. Unleash The Unending Fury of Mo-Tel Upon Them And Let The Sun Roast Their Bones Most Wholly!




The Fourth of March, 2282


Caesar is dead, the Legion is dead, and the dead do not come back. This obvious fact may prove useful to us. A number of months ago the town of Nipton faced the justice of the Legion. All of its residents were killed and the town was abandoned, which means it is still empty and can be a place for us to rebuild and regain our former strength. I have already gathered a small handful of our comrades to join me. I hope you shall do the same.

-Caius Severus


Location:NPC VLegionaryVulpeslnculta


It wasn’t until now that I truly believed the Legion to be dead. Even as Caesar lay dead and our banners torn down hope still resided in me. At night I dream of the days before the end, the slaves marching behind us as we made our long treks, the hum of their collars, ready to blow with the flip of a switch. But today as I awoke from my slumber I greeted Marius with our old greeting from the Legion, “Ave” and he just looked at me. As though I were speaking an Alien Dialect. On our first day here he told me, “Caius, we are the Legion” and now he does not even speak our words. The Legion is dead. We are no more than battle hardened tribals, but does that make me a Beardless, and him a Twisted Hair? Or are we something else? If so are we more or less? If we were to have crossed paths with the Legion would we have crumbled so quickly? Would we have been the 88th tribe? I do not know. Perhaps it is best not to speculate on things that cannot be. The Legion is dead.


Location:NPC aaSkeletonNiptonMorgan



If you’re reading this, I can only hope your father is okay, but you need to get out of Nipton. The town isn’t safe. I was hoping to get some RadAway for him here but those damned Legion Remnants saw me, and they prefer to attack first and ask questions later. I managed to get away but not before taking a spear to the leg. Lucky for me those Tunnelers showed up and distracted the Legi- Tribals. I guess they can’t be Legionnaires without the Legion and the Legion's long gone. Either way, while they were distracted with the Tunnelers I managed to go full circle and make it into this house without anyone noticing me. I tried to stitch up the wound as best I could, but it’s no use. I’m bleeding bad. If I take pressure off of my leg I know I’ll die, but it’s either that or sit and wait to die.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for you but I pray that this note serves some help to you. From my experience here I’ve realized that the enemy of my enemy can be my friend, if I know how to use them. The Tunnelers. If you’re being chased you can create a sort of skirmish between your attackers and them.

Goodbye, I love you…?






I’m sorry I probably won’t be here before you wake up, but I couldn’t just do nothing. I was the one who found the food that your father ate. This was my fault and I’m gonna do what I can to fix it. There’s probably some RadAway in one of the towns. If I’m right I’ll be back before nightfall.

I love you.

See you soon,


Torn Letter

Location:NPC aaSkeletonNiptonMorgan



The Mojave’s screwed, I don’t care what Lydia’s dad says. I SAY you grab your girl and come with me. The Long 15’s overrun and the only other roads out of the Mojave go right through Tribal Territory. But there’s a road the rest of Vegas has forgotten. We’re walking the last road out of here. It was the most dangerous but now it ought to be as easy as chowing down on some Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. If you want to come with me I’ll be at this big pile of wreckage near Primm. You know what I’m talking about. In three days I’m going to the Divide, with or without you two. Hopefully I’ll see you there.

Tattered Note




Change of plans. The Divide's all blocked off. I've heard of another way, though. Up north. There's talk of this passageway off to Zion and Grand Staircase. Sounds good to me. See you there, if you're coming.

Quintus Avernus' Journal (pt. 1)

Location:NPC NobarkNoonan


I am Quintus Avernus, Centurion of Caesar's Legion, and this is my journal.

I have arrived with what remains of my forces in the town of Novac. Without any standing force, and with the Ranger Station evacuated, it was easy enough to take. I have ordered the crucifixion of all who resisted to make an example to the rest of the town. They were much more docile after. For now, the previous citizens of this town are being kept prisoner until I decide what to do with them.

My force stood behind as a contingent when the Legion was expelled off the Hoover Dam. It seems it ended up being a blessing in disguise. A few years after, and the entire Mojave is at the bring of extintion. NCR forces have abandoned most of their posts and bases and either evacuated, or concentrated elsewhere. There are strange creatures roaming the land, or under it, as one unfortunate Decanus of mine found out during our encounter with them. They are humanoid, green and their skin is reptilian, their eyes glowing. They travel in packs and are primal, savage. They focus on one singular prey in a group and rip their victim to shreds, then move on to the next one. I've made it a priority to establish guard posts to watch out for them, or any trespasser that may wander about.

Our only problem is food. We simply don't have enough supplies to last for more than a few days. Perhaps the past was the solution. My old tribe, the Sun Dogs, had a tradition, before being assimilated, in which the weaker warrior, after being defeated, was condemned to strenghten his triumphant foe, the only way he could. It is an option to consider."

Quintus Avernus' Journal (pt. 2)

Location:NPC NobarkNoonan

ID: aatextNovacLegion2

I am Quintus Avernus, and this is my journal.

The old, forgotten tradition was the answer I sought after all.

The first to experience it were the citizens we captured. They had already fallen before us, as such there was no need to assess strength. It had been assessed already. They strengthened my men, some of whom showed reluctance at first, but soon were participating in the Feast of the Warrior. I heard stories that some of the Centurions exercised similar behavior with slaves. Dishonorable. Slaves are broken tools. They have no strength to be consumed.

I've already ordered for a makeshift arena to be built where the houses used to be. Any Legionnaire which desires to test his strength against his brothers is welcomed to try.

We will emerge from this forsaken wasteland, stronger than all. Maybe when we're strong enough we can find our way to the Colorado, show the broken remains of the Legion our way.

Incoherent Ramblings



No no Nobark. Nobark sees. No no Novac. Novac hears. No no Nobark Knows.

Holy Writings: Volume 389

Location:NPC AdaStraus


Mo-Tel is a Just and Terrible God. We must Respect and Fear his Almighty Power. It is for this reason that we Sacrifice each year. During this time, a fortunate few give their lives so that He may protect us from the horrors of the Wasteland.

Holy Writings: Volume 48

Location:NPC VNovacDoctorMerc2


The Story of The Tallest Wall

In the Early Days of the Earth, there lived The Bull- Strong and Noble. His grazing fields were vast, and he had all he could ever need. But there lived in those days another beast. The Bear- Cruel and Scheming. The Bear saw the happiness of The Bull and was jealous. The Bull knew of The Bear's Jealousy, and built a Great Wall to keep The Bear away. But One Day, The Bear came. The Bull met him on the Cliffs of the Great Canyon, and fought him away. The Bear fled, but took The Wall for himself. It is said that The Bear still holds The Wall, though The Bull died long ago.

Holy Writings: Volume 16

Location:NPC JeannieMayCrawford


The Story of The Drought

In the Old Days, many Evils plagued this Land. The fighting of The Bear and The Bull, the scandalous Activities in the Cities of Vegas and Gomorrah. Mo-Tel saw this all and Judged. He sent forth a great Drought, to starve The Bear and The Bull, and all the Sinners of Vegas. But Mo-Tel was not without mercy. He spared a select few. We, The People of The Desert. We are his Chosen. He has taught us How to survive- how to find Life in The Desert. And for This we are thankful.

Bloodstained Journal



Entry 14

Set up camp outside North Vegas. It'll be easy to travel to and from base camp from here, what with the sewer grate being so close. NCR have been seen hanging around. Our job is to find out why, and to drive them off. Vegas is ours now. By the time these storms are over, they'll be heading back to California with their tails between their legs.

Entry 19

Caught another spy this morning. Course, they denied it. Who wouldn't? At least the ♥♥♥♥er regrets it, right? Cutter doesn't share my sympathies. He's a man suited for his job, all right. We'll get that intel, in time.

Entry 21

NCR Patrol. Got two. Hendricks and I have started a tally. 50 caps to the winner.

Entry 22

Spy died during questioning. Didn't get anything. I'm sure we'll find another.

Entry 32

Third patrol this week! My total's up to 16. None of the others are anywhere close. Suck it, Hendricks!

Entry 33

NCr.. rAIded this MOrnnig...

HeNDRickS... got. aWAy..

iNTEL. sAFe..

lonG LAst The REvLution

Blind Dog Situation

Location:NPC VRRCPapaKhan


A Blind Dog spy came in the night. He came into my Longhouse and fouled its walls with filthy vandalism. A threat, no doubt. The Blind Dogs seem to believe that our contact with the Vault People threatens the alliance we hold with them.

I cannot allow war. As difficult as they are, we need the Blind Dogs. They're the only thing keeping the Tunnelers away from our village. The Vault People must go. As much as I hate to leave them vulnerable, this is the way it must be. One last gift of medicine and our contact with them is over.


Location:NPC RSBravoTilden


Randy slipped off the watch tower yesterday. Cracked his skull. There was nothing we could do. Buried him out front. This morning, Gibson goes down there- hangs up some old bones and junk. Says it'll make for a good "Warning" to potential raiders. Man's got no heart, but it might be crazy enough to work.





List of Materials




Flamer Fuel (48)

Scrap Metal (8)

Scrap Electronics (6)

Sensor Module (2)

Conductor (1)


Location:NPC aaSearchlightAirportDeadScribe


So far, we've made remarkable progress using the tech we brought from Hidden Valley. We are still short on a few supplies, but these ought to be fairly easy to scavenge, in time. Our biggest issue are these damn Radscorpions. We've been able to drive them off twice before, but they just keep coming back. No doubt they've got a nest around here somewhere. Ramsey will need to address this issue if work is to continue.


Location:NPC aaDEADSearchlightRebel


So, chances are, Jim ain't the one in Power Armor. Might be he's holed up somewhere nearby. Why don't you take a poke around the edge of town? Meet back at the farmstead.

Eulogy For a Sorry Soul

Location:NPC aadeadchristian


I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt another soul. I came to Vegas to earn my fortune, but all I have earned is my own damnation. 20 years I spent in this shack. 20 years fearing the smog that covers this valley. 20 years fearing life itself. I will fear no longer. I go now in the hopes that my Lord will forgive me for the sins I have committed. I'm sorry.


Location:NPC aaDeadStarvingSurvivor


I’ve been walking day and night for 3 months. I thought Hoover Dam would be safe, but I was wrong. Now I’m back here. Walking mile after mile, day after day in this goddamned sun. If I had a bullet I’d have probably swallowed it by now. I’d swallow anything at this point. I haven’t eaten in over a week. Luckily, I was able to sneak past those NCR Troops at Camp Golf and get some water from that lake just outside the camp, to keep me going. Just a few more days of this and I’ll be safe at the Mojave Outpost. Just a few more days.

Tattered Journal



February 4, 2286

Holy♥♥♥♥♥♥ Last night I won big at the Tops! 1200 caps! Not bad considering I barely had two to rub together when I snuck in last week. Dumb bots only guard the one gate. Looks like things are looking up.

February 13, 2286

Woke up to shouting. Sounds like one of those Freeside gangs was trying to force past the gate. NCR keeps telling us everything's fine. Kinda odd; why would some street thugs worry me anyways?

February 16, 2286

Rumors are spreading about some massive duststorm that's supposedly been heading this way. Superstitious Freesiders have been trying to warn us apparently (hence the run on the gate). Don't make me laugh.

February 22, 2286

February 26, 2286 NCR tried to lock down the Strip, but the Kings busted the gates down and got some of us out. And just in time too, the cloud was practically on top of us. We've camped out in Boulder City, just south of the city. Some guys have been talking about scouting for some Radiation Suits. Dunno how well they'll work against a duststorm but hell, it's better than nothing.

Crumpled Note



♥♥♥♥ off, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. This bag is property of LUCKY JIM.

Crumpled Note



If you're NCR and you're reading this- I've found a way out. Up this ladder- safety. I've gone to get reinforcements, but if I don't make it back, please make use of these supplies I've procured from around the casino.

-Sgt. Jacobs

Never Free






Settlement Flyer

Location:NPC aaSewerDistributor1 or aaSewerKeySafe or NPc OldLadyGibson


Food! Water! Guns! Safety!

Come to the New Vegas Sewers if you want to live.

We have running water and electricity.

Keep your gun holstered, we will meet you at the Monument.

You'll know it when you see it.

Long last the Revolution.

Re: Reinforcements Request

Location:NPC aatrooperSkeletonBaseWithNoteSewer


Private, I'm not even sure you're qualified to be making reinforcement requests. Get back to your post and do your duty. We have bigger issues at hand.

Supply Run




We're runnin' low on food. Most of the stuff King stashed down here's been irradiated and I for one have had enough rat. Most of the little buggers have run off anyways, so that's not an option. Mind going topside?





Ah, hell who'm I kidding? Jim pass this message along to your buddy on the radio.

Here's the message:

"All NCR attempts to breach the North Sewers have resulted in failure. Nearly all NCR forces have evacuated Vegas and those that remain have met with an uprising by the inhabitants of both Freeside and the Strip (!!). Send forces topside to verify the direction of the NCR retreat. We'll attempt to make contact with the Topside Resistance by nightfall."

Cornered Rats

Location:NPC aaskeletonrebel3


They're out there. Lurking. One step out and they'll take us, oh yes. Like they took JESS. Not fast, but strong. No killing them, oh no. They're fat and juicy, but NOT FOR EATING. Nothing for eating. Not even rats. The rats knew. If only we knew what rats know.

Lies. All Lies.

Location:NPC aaDeadSurvivor


There's nothing left. When Boulder City fell, they told me to head to Vegas. "The Rebels still hold the sewers," they said, "They'll help you out." Yeah, right. All I've found in this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ is cannibalistic madmen and fleshless skeletons. Which came first, I wonder? I shoulda known...

All the Rad-Away in the world can't save me now.

In Cameram Obscurum

Location:NPC V0VSewerLuke


What Hell have I stumbled upon here? Where lie Abominations more Monstrous than any my mind could concoct? The Bear has been tinkering, no doubt. Intervening with the very essence of Nature Herself. Would that Caesar had lived to see this day, things would not be as they are.

Caedite Eos. Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius.



Kill Them All. For the Lord knows Those that are His own.

Of Icarus

Location:NPC aaSewerDeadGhoul


They say Icarus' doom was his pride. That he flew too close to the sun and burned for his foolishness. But it was not Icarus who made the wings. No, twas Daedalus who created those cursed pinions. Daedalus who created the Labyrinth.


Location:NPC aaDeadSewerSurvivor1



Got It!

Location:NPC VOVSewerJillDead


Jill, you won't believe it. I found the key (I hid it under that loose tile in the side room by the tunnel split). That psycho from yesterday tried to tell me it was deeper down the tunnels, in some giant cannibal meat locker. Yeah, right. ♥♥♥♥er was probably just trying to lead us into the dark so he could jump me. I'll be back once I track him down, then we can head back to the ladder. Just hunker down until then, I guess. Try not to get killed and all that jazz.



Location:NPC aaSewerDEADSurvivor


It was a trap the whole time. There was never a settlement. There was never a way out. They broke the ladders and waited for us to wander into their hands. They gave us keys that led to nowhere and watched us go, like sheep, to the slaughter. The game was rigged from the start, but I won't let them have the satisfaction of winning. I fold.





Salvation is at Hand!



Safety lies just ahead! Keep your gun holstered. Don't make any sudden movements. We'll meet you.


Location:NPC aaSewerDEADSurvivor2


I am close, I know I know. I hear the voices, hear the chanting. Seen it in my sleep. The MONUMENT. She is near, I know I know. DON'T LOSE HOPE. That's what the messages said. KEEP LOOKING. KEEP LOOKING FOREVER.










Location:NPC aaSewerUnderstoneSurvivor


So I heard from that group last week that there's this place out in the wastes- "Understone", they called it. It's completely underground, and it's starting to become almost, well, a settlement. It's safe; got food, water, ammo, medical supplies... They figured it was down in the sewers, under Vegas. I'm thinking that's my best bet; I've had enough Tunnelers for a lifetime.

Keep Looking



Never Lose Hope. There Lies A Key. Somewhere...

Keep Looking. Keep Looking Forever...

Radio Transcript

Location:NPC aaSkeletonRebelRadio


BROADCAST: Victory is ours! Repeat, Victory is ours! The Sewers of New Vegas are, and forever will be a safe zone governed by the people of Vegas. We have food, water, ammo, and medicine. For those starving in the wastes, join the Kings in rebuilding Vegas!

Observations on the Royst Case (Day 1)



Day 1 of Investigation into the improper use of test subjects at the Lucky 38 research facility. Prosecution claims subjects were A. Non-voluntary and B. Subject to torture/irreversible mutations that often proved fatal. So far, no remains of research subjects have been located. Few remaining locals appear hostile. Security task-force has eliminated all threats without much difficulty.

Observations on the Royst Case (Day 2)



Day 2 of Investigation into the Royst Case. Creatures clad in Hazmat suits appear to be in abundance in the lower levels of these sewers. Subjects are hostile and unresponsive to attempts at communication. At the hearing Dr. Royst maintained that all proper precautions were taken in the safety of each test subject. Obviously not. I find this to be sufficient evidence that this area was a dumping ground for failed test subjects. We will make our way to the extraction point at McCarran and present this evidence to the jury. I hope Royst rots.

Observations on the Royst Case (Day 5)

Location: -


Day 5 - Oh, god, I haven't had time to make a recording for days. The extraction point is gone. Someone, or something, sabotaged the ladder. We're stuck down here with no food, little water, and less ammunition. Half the task-force is dead, and I don't even know how to fire a gun. What the hell is going on?

Observations on the Royst Case (Day 358)



Day 358

Big Room by Rad Room. 3-Way by Big Room. To Straight Tunnel to Two. Left To Three. First Left Past Small Room (HERE). Long Tunnel To Grate. Four. Fall. Right. Left Tube. NOT RIGHT TUBE. Straight to Connecting Tube. Next: ??? Stairs in The Water. MONUMENT CLOSE.

The Last Forecast

Location:NPC 188Forecaster


They called me The Forecaster. As if my words told of the sun and the rain. I suppose they did, in a way... I met many travellers on the 188, and heard many tales, but the strangest tale I ever heard was from ol' Mr. New Vegas. One of the merchants, Kerr I think his name was, had an old radio he listened to daily. He worshipped it more than any god, though he knew any news he would hear would be bad- Caesar's Legion, Raiders, Mutants- he kept right on listening. One day, Mr. New Vegas reported that a Courier survived a bullet to the head near Goodsprings. He passed over it quickly, without another thought. Kerr didn't much care either. People get shot every day. More than likely ten or fifteen had been shot that week at Forlorn Hope alone. Why care about one survivor? Why indeed...

Would you believe that one person can change the world? Many fall into the same doubt that has plagued us all at one point or another. That we are worthless; that we have no power. The Courier proved us all wrong in that respect. But their's was not the kind of change you read about in some Pre-War motivational pamphlet. The Courier, though perhaps unintentionally, brought ruin to this land. The Second Battle of Hoover Dam was their doing, as was the fracturing of the Divide. And some believe that this... Cloud was their doing as well. A by-product of their legendary visit to the Sierra Madre.

One person can change the world. For better or for worse... that is for you to decide. I have done enough thinking for one lifetime. As I write this, I stare at my last needle of Thorazine. After that, I may have a few hours, perhaps a day, before the pounding in my head gives way to insanity. Tonight, I say goodbye to knowing what lies ahead. But you, &PCName;, need not.

If you want answers, go to the Madre. At the Madre this began, and at the Madre, it shall end.

~The Forecaster

Headin' Out



Guys, I'm headin' out. There's no need to wait, you go on to Reno without me. I doubt I'll ever catch back up, but it's like the old man said- "If you want answers, go to Vegas". They say the NCR's still holding the Strip, so it can't be too bad, right? I'll see you all in Reno,



Location:NPC 1EDuke


The Blind Dogs are mad. Their ferocity in battle cannot be denied, but they simply cannot be reasoned with. This week alone they have declared war on the Dust Devils and Green Feet. Out of respect for The Prophet, I negotiated a truce for the latter, but the Devils have been forced north- into Tunneler territory. Only now the Dogs claim the Red Rocks are forming a confederacy against them by supplying the Devils and some tribe unknown to me (the Vault Men?) with medical treatment. I must have words with the Elders soon. The recklessness of the Dogs is unsustainable.


Location:NPC 1EDriverNephi


And amidst that cloud I see an individual. Man or woman, ghoul or mutant, I cannot tell. But of one thing I am certain. They are the White Horse. They are Death. And Death comes upon us today. Why, no sooner shall I finish writing these words than shall the one called &PCName; strike me down. Their reputation precedes them, and now I speak for them.

Vegas is the Heart. Madre is the Brain. Zion is Death. Hopeville is Life.




A Warning To All Imperialist Bear Warriors-

We have killed ten and four of your Men. They fought honorably, and we have gained much Courage from Them. But- If you do not leave our Lands forever, We shall hunt down You all, as We did Them. The Bear does not scare Us.

Military Orders

Location:NPC aatrooperSkeletonWithNote



Your orders are as follows.

Hold the East Barricade. Our main thrust should push the rebels north, away from McCarran. It is paramount that they remain ignorant of the condition of the monorail. Let them choke in the dust.


Location:NPC VVault19SamuelCooke


Hey, Len- you mind heading out on a run today? Dana could barely get out of bed today. The wound's infected, and only getting worse. We need some antivenom soon, or she's done for.

I know Darell doesn't trust them, but I think it's our only chance. Go to the Tribals. They can help.


Location:NPC VVault19PhilipLem



Get Kay and Topher. We're heading back down there. Those pieces of♥♥♥♥♥♥ll just breed unless we take the fight to them. Empty out the armory. We'll blast 'em all to hell.

Medical Notes

Location:Vault19a (Interior)


It's not looking good. The infection has spread up her right leg and her weakened immune system is unlikely to stop it from spreading further. Amputation would have been a viable option, but Darell wouldn't allow it. The fool's going to kill her with his stubbornness.

I've sent out some runners looking for antivenom, but seeing as these things only started popping up a few years ago, it's unlikely such a cure even exists.




It's over. The plan worked.

Lured them out to the diner with some flashing lights and radios. Then the explosives. All but one trapped. Other had a nasty run in with my shock-trap. Safe for now. Still no way out. Losing hope.

Might die tomorrow, we'll see.

Re: An Ultimatum



Dear Mr. Botwright,

Thank you for expressing your concerns, but I'm afraid your services are no longer required here at Vault 21 Laboratories. See Dr. Thorley on your way out. He will provide you with your severance package.

-Dr. Edwin Royst, PhD.


Location:NPC VFSJeanBabtisteCutting


Who would think to look in here? It's been abandoned since Hoover Dam, and besides, who in their right mind would be obvious enough to hide weapons in a former weapons store? Right in plain sight... NCR won't know what hit 'em.




It's nice down here. Quiet. Only quiet place on the Strip nowadays. The Elders are always ranting about killing the NCR and their "Supporters". Like that'll ever happen. It's been 15 years and they've done nothing but raid a few patrols on the outskirts. Even the NCR at the MP Station still live!

At least down here I can have a moment to myself. Lately I've been looking through some of the old books. Most are ruined beyond all recognition, but there are a few I can still read. My most recent read was "The Saurus". Pretty boring stuff. Don't know what those Pre-War folks were thinking.

Data Log #1.01.01



First day in the Vault! I'm excited to begin my work as Overseer! According to the documents Vault-Tec has provided me, Vault 74 is unique (lucky me!). Unlike the other vaults, THIS vault is equipped with not one, but TWO doors. One is the giant, 20 ton monstrosity that everyone knows about. The other door is a secret passageway (how exciting!), located right behind my desk! This false panel slides aside to reveal a much longer tunnel, to be used in times of emergency only. This tunnel leads east to a number of regions Vault-Tec assumes will be mostly untouched in the event of a nuclear exchange. Zion National Park... Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument... I went there on vacation once. It was quite nice. Grand Canyon National Park... Heck, this'll be fun! A bit of camping, some fishing. I can't wait for this "emergency"!


Location:NPC aaWolfhornSurvivor


So that friend I met on the road might know a safe place, somewhere where it's not a death sentence to sit, sleep, and eat freely.

Said he heard of a camp out by the old wolfhorn ranch. They say they've got food, water and shelter for anyone they might find helpful, I reckon me and my fantastic cooking will work for 'em!

Psalm 137:1

Location:NPC aaDeadSewerExperiment


By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea we wept when we remembered Zion.

Treasure Hunt



To Whom It May Concern (You!),

We got some pretty good stuff from the last raid, and unlike last time, I don't want any incidents. The only logical conclusion was to hide everything throughout this room. If you can read this, you have my permission to use any items you can find.

Stuff I hid:

1 Missile Launcher

3 Missiles

3 Bricks of C4

5 Frag Grenades

1 Super Stimpak

Various Ammo

Your Benevolent Supreme Overlord,


Black Mountain Investigation Note



Tribals of some sort down in the Valley. Painted faces, wearing rags. Smelled like♥♥♥♥♥♥ Ought to check it out. We don't want them getting to close to the research facility.

Log 672



We've been picking up a lot of activity from China's satellite network. The tension is pretty high around here. Frank's been talking about securing a place in one of those vaults for himself and his family, and when he didn't show up to work yesterday, I think we all knew where he went.

Log 674



Oh my god. It's actually happening. We have readings across the board of launches happening everywhere. They must've thrown everything they had, and it looks like we didn't hold back either. The computer says we have 2 minutes until the first missile drops.

Log 675



I can bsrely type. The mountian shielded us from the wost or the blasd but thr's too mucsd radiattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Log 676



Wow, I can't believe these old machines still work. This place looks pretty defensible, and the radiation should keep the majority of people away. Looks like we've found a home, at least for now. First things first, though. We've got to get these corpses out of here. Poor ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.


Entry 1



It's good to be back at dear old Black Mountain. We've set up camp at the old Radio Station. Back in the day, our samples were limited. The troops never wanted to linger long, for fear of those Super Mutants that used to live here. That's no longer an issue. I hope to fully examine the craters within the next week (and maybe even a mutant autopsy- if I'm lucky!).

Entry 2



Looks like the radiation's returned again. When the Lucky 38 was still up and running, we could just blast this place with that Experimental Cleanser. It worked (kind of), although it did melt just about all organic life off of the cliff face. Guess it's worthwhile we decommisioned that line. I'll see about getting double Rad-X rations for our next resupply airdrop.

Entry 3



Golf sent a scouting force down to Vegas again. Proved what we'd all been thinking. Ware's little investigation is long gone. Maybe Lawson and I can get her to reverse the charges. She's got no more evidence, after all.

Entry 4



Message sent! I should receive a response in the next few weeks, once the resupply airdrop comes in. Surely she'll listen to reason. She's got nothing. And the research we completed... the research we could still complete with those supplies... That takes priority. Ethics has no place in the laboratory.

Entry 5



God damn it all! The ♥♥♥♥♥ responded, all right. She's pressing forward, and it looks like she may have even more evidence than we thought. It's time to take things into our own hands. I'll see if Lawson can get together a hit squad of some sort. Elizabeth Ware must die.

Entry 6



Started looking through the old journal entries here. Interesting stuff. Looks like there was some repairman held captive by the old Super Mutant inhabitants here. Good thing we came along, I guess (although a bit too late, it would seem).

It looks like the repairman set the password to 123456789.

Autopsy Notice



Autopsy will begin tomorrow. From our research at the Lucky 38, we have plenty of data covering the biology of most Centaurs, but we've never opened up an actual Super Mutant. Be prepped and ready for operation by 8:00 tomorrow morning.

Autopsy Report 1



Among those killed in the skirmish, three corpses appear mostly intact. I plan to operate on these, as soon as possible. The rest should be dumped off the cliff. I don't want to have to deal with their stink, on top of everything else.

Autopsy Report 2



I've requested a larger research team from Golf. Surely they don't expect me to conduct an autopsy single-handedly? Hopefully they can be over here on the next Vertibird. We don't want these cadavers to rot.

Autopsy Report 3



Delays, delays, delays. Golf can't send anyone over because of "Safety Concerns". What safety concerns? Do they mean those pitiful things in the valley? They're underfed, radiation sick madmen with nothing but sharpened sticks as weapons. Or maybe they mean that pack of Ghouls they're always going on about. Whatever. Ghouls don't have rocket launchers and automatic weaponry, last I checked.

Autopsy Report 4



Damn it all! Thanks to the NCR's failure to supply me with any kind of assistance whatsoever, all three samples have rotted to the point of complete uselessness. All of my preparation was a waste. I don't think they'll ever understand how important my work is here, not only scientifically and medically, but politically as well. Finding a breakthrough now could very well be enough to clear Royst.

Autopsy Report 5



You'll never believe it. One day (one day!) after throwing out the cadavers, the weekly Vertibird landed. And wouldn't you know, out comes my Research Team. Typical. I'm starting to think this is intentional. Some Follower of the Apocalypse ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ back at Camp Adytum put them up to this. They're just trying to sabotage our work so that they can put away Royst for good. Well I won't have it.

Autopsy Report 6



Research team is capable, although we still lack an appropriate test subject. Examining craters can only go so far. I guess we could autopsy another Centaur for practice. They've got a few still chained up outside.

Autopsy Report 7



Finally! The boys finally captured a Super Mutant alive! I can hardly believe it. We'll do it tomorrow morning; no need to rush the preparations and forget something. Excited!

Meeting Notes

Location: -


Note written by Marcus

Report: Reservoir (CLASSIFIED)



The efforts of the Lucky 38 research team seem to have been at least partially successful. The reservoir, despite the intense bombardment of radioactive particles, is now completely free of contamination. Extraction of ALL lab equipment and research notes from the Lucky 38 is now our top priority. This is to remain classified. Expeditionary teams will be told that their mission is weapon extraction.

Report: Vegas Expedition



Squad DH654-1 has been sent to outer Vegas for reconnaissance and supplies extraction. Final destination is Freeside. Possibilities remain of remaining stores of explosives left by rebel forces. Due to the current lack of explosive munitions, the extraction of any explosives in Vegas is paramount.

Report: Camp McCarran



Camp McCarran remains unresponsive to all attempts at contact. Last attempt at contact resulted in heavy casualties for Squad EJ755-9. Further attempts at contact are not recommended.

Interrogation Report: 11/15/85



The following is transcribed from a recording between SUBJECT 19-A and intterrogator SERGEANT LUCAS OSAMI

SGT. OSAMI: What is your name?

SUBJECT 19-A: (Unresponsive)

SGT. OSAMI: Do you know why you are here?

SUBJECT 19-A: (Unresponsive)

SGT. OSAMI: You are here so that we may learn more about your people. We wish to reduce conflict between the NCR and your tribe.

SUBJECT 19-A: (Unresponsive)

SGT. OSAMI: What tribe are you from?

SUBJECT 19-A: The Dead Bears

SGT. OSAMI: May I ask why your tribe chose that particular name?

SUBJECT 19-A: You know why.

SGT. OSAMI: We'll start again tomorrow.


Interrogation Report: 11/16/85



The following is transcribed from a recording between SUBJECT 19-A and intterrogator SERGEANT LUCAS OSAMI

SUBJECT 19-A: You spoke yesterday of a truce between the Dead Bears and the NCR.

SGT. OSAMI: Yes. Are you interested?

SUBJECT 19-A: This will never happen. The Dead Bears hate your kind more than any tribe.

SGT. OSAMI: Why do your people hate us?

SUBJECT 19-A: It isn't just us. Most tribes feel this way. Many, many tribes were raised from the bones of the Bull. We still tell our children stories of his death. How you killed him at Hoover Dam.

SGT. OSAMI: The NCR is prepared to reimburse you for all previous grievances. This includes high quality weaponry, medicine, ammunition... chems. All we require of you is a simple expedition west. Your people no doubt know the land well. There is a Casino...

SUBJECT 19-A: I know of where you speak. It is an evil place.

SGT. OSAMI: You need not enter the gates. There is a truck outside of the walls. Inside the truck are crates of protective Hazardous Material suits. Retrieve these suits and you and your tribe will be well rewarded. Think on it.


First Sergeant Morrison's Log



First Sergeant Morrison's Log

Sent down here from the Dam three days ago. Initial assault proved disastrous. 8 casualties. Hostiles not weakened. We don't have the men or supplies for an attack of this scale. Extraction request pending.

Archived Logs



Paladin Ramsey's Log

Entry 46-B

I can recognize the markings on the wall. If that old fool McNamara wants to stick his head in the sand and hide from it he can rot in hell. I'm not going to.

Our scouts told us the NCR have been working on some kind of... Cloud. Apparently a bio-weapon that they simply stumbled upon when visiting the Sierra Madre. That old legend turned stone. The tribal we captured, part of the expeditionary force, said a white haired old man in robes, calling himself Father, guarded by ghosts with glowing green eyes, gave them the gift of the Cloud, and that his young disciple taught them how to use them. Ellijah. It has to be. Who else could take control of the Sierra Madre, who else could be so obcessed, so stubbornly efficient as to tame the City of the Dead? But McNamara won't listen. He personally oversaw the interrogation, heard that damned savage tell us about the power of the Cloud, saw him detonate the cyanide capsule when he was done rambling, and he still won't believe what's coming. Says that we'll be safe from any gas. That our filters, our secrecy will protect us.

But I know better. This isn't a bunker, it's a cage, a trap he wants to willingly stay in. I knew Ellijah. He wouldn't give any secret of the Sierra Madre to the NCR if he wasn't planning something, or if he didn't know they will destroy themselves with it. Ellijah is the type of man that gives you a loaded gun only if he expects you to shoot yourself in the head with it, and rigs it to explode if you don't. This bunker won't stop him. We need to move, but McNamara won't listen. I know a few think the same. I'll try and discover whom, then we'll leave. They'll take away our titles and declare us outcasts, honorless, but when they're all dead I'll ask if their titles written in their graves matter now. We need to move to somewhere isolated, somewhere of no importance to anyone. Maybe that old Searchlight town? It's said to be haunted so no one goes near it. It's a chance. I'll think about it better tomorrow.

Archived Logs



Paladin Ramsey's Log

Entry 49-A

There isn't much pleasure in proving dead men wrong. A few days after we set up camp here at Searchlight one of our two scouts came back with a somber report: Hidden Valley had been wiped out. NCR came in. Had enough waste to take down the lot of them, Power Armor or not. Ghouls have that place now, haunted by the dead two-fold. Morale has taken a severe hit. We left many friends alive back there. No longer.

We've got to think of plans to leave this forsaken place, maybe reunite with the Western Chapters. We've earned rumors of a Vertibird used by the NCR to carry VIP personnel. Don't know if we can fight through to it, though. They probably have Veteran Rangers guarding the place, and NCR forces outnumber us severely. Might be too risky.

There's also talks of a non-functional but mostly intact train down near Nipton. We've brought enough C-4 to clear a way towards any rubble we might find, but the problem would be fixing the damned thing. I doubt we have the materials to do so, and even if we did it would take several trips. Also very risky.

There's got to be a better way. I'll think it over sleep.

Archived Logs



Paladin Ramsey's Log

Entry 49-B

Eureka! It hit me, when I was dreaming. How could I be so blind? The planes, right here at Searchlight! Most of the parts needed are there at the airport, and there's most likely enough to repair three or four. There's only one problem. The place is crawling with Radscorpions. There's too many of them, and our working Power Armors are too few. We could try to trim them down from a distance, but I'd rather not wander too far from the Fort. And to make things better, our patrol is reporting scouts of some sort in the hills. For now, we have a strong hold of the town. As long as we don't overextend ourselves on the airport, we should be fine.

Legion Orders

Location:NPC CampSearchlightLegionaryRecruitDead01


The guards at Camp Searchlight have been leaving holes in their patrols at night. You are to enter the camp and go directly to the Fire Station. Once inside you will find several canisters, open as many of them as you can and report back to me.

Vulpes Inculta

Communications Entry #938



Fort Searchlight Communications Log

User 1: Testing, testing. This is Scribe Huxley transmitting from Fort Searchlight. Is the radio in working condition? Over.

User 2: Hear you loud and clear Huxley. Can't believe this thing actually works! A few extra bits and pieces and we'll have this thing up and ready for scouting flights. Over.

User 1: Excellent news, Initiate. Over and out.

Communications Entry #943



Fort Searchlight Communications Log

User 1: This is Scribe Huxley transmitting from Fort Searchlight, what are your coordinates Eagle Patrol? Over.

User 2: Just north of you. We're seeing some human activity- well armed, doesn't look like tribals. Over.

User 1: NCR? Over.

User 2: Could be. They've got the armor, but that's hardly enough these days. They look to be going straight for the main bridge. Should we intercept? Over.

User 1: You have clearance for interception. Take them out. Over.

User 2: Over and out.

Communications Entry #956



Fort Searchlight Comm Officer's Log

The NCR remain outside the Fort. We could clear them out easily enough, but Paladin Ramsey wants to leave them for now. They help keep the Tunnelers at bay, if nothing else. The hostage we took claims that the NCR still hold control of the Dam, Camp Golf, and Nellis Air Field. Nellis holds no interest for us- we've got our own planes here. The Dam's the Dam. In theory, its electricity generating capacities could prove useful, but an assault there would be impractical. Even in the NCR's weakened state, we would be unable to take the Dam. Camp Golf, though... The hostage mentioned something quite interesting indeed about that camp. Apparently, they have clean water. Don't ask me how, the hostage was completely useless in that respect. A water purifier of some sort? Such a machine would prove invaluable for use here.

Log Entry #1341



Scribe Huxley's Log

Entry #1254

A good amount of tech was left behind when the NCR cleared out. These turrets are still in excellent condition, and there are even some small arms laying around. By itself, this is a decent spot for a base, but I know why we're really here. Ramsey's been eyeing the airport ever since we got here. I'm not sure what kind of low rate tech he thinks he's going to find there, but I don't think he'd have come all this way for anything else.

Log Entry #2257



Scribe Huxley's Log

Entry #1265

I've just finished registring the casualties in Hidden Valley. Took a copy of the personnel ledger before I left. I knew it would be the only way to identify all who died.

We all knew before embarking in this trip our brothers and sisters would be goners when the NCR eventually tried to touch the sun and had the wax from their wings melted, but no one expected it to happen this fast. Half of us still hoped they saw reason and followed after us... Seems not. Our second scout arrived two days ago, a day after the bearer of bad news. The infamous Boomers have also been taken out. Of course, Paladin Ramsey took that moment to rant about how the NCR were monsters, how they created the dust storm. The others reject my claims, but I swear to you, the NCR are not the sole enemy here.

The problem: The NCR were hit just as hard. They lost the entire Strip, for god's sake! Not to mention Helios One and Forlorn Hope. If this thing was made by man, as we suspect, it must have been someone else. Someone who wanted to take out any faction remaining after the storm came on through.

And I think I know who that someone is.

I'll keep my theory to myself. There's no need to add to the grief the chance that one of our own killed us with such ruthless efficiency. Or the chance that he might know of us, and come after us next.