Fallout: Dust Wikia

This page tries to provide a lore and story spoiler free summary of all notable changes in game mechanics, that Fallout: DUST applies to Fallout: New Vegas.

Gameplay mechanic changes[]


  • NPC ticks on compass disabled
  • Fast-travel disabled
  • Cell respawn time lowered to 24. (Leaving an area of the game for more than 24 game-time hours will respawn all NPCs, creatures, container contents and other objects marked to do so).
  • Karma replaced by Sanity

See Fallout: DUST Sanity for more.


  • Portable Workbench
  • New recipes
  • Modified recipes (e.g. Weapon Repair Kit)

See Fallout: DUST Crafting and Crafting Kit for more.

Leveling / Perks / Traits[]

  • Perk every level, most perks changed
  • Slowed XP gain (no quests), doubled XP req'd per level
  • Most Traits changed

See Fallout: DUST Level, Perks and Traits for more.

Hardcore and SPECIAL[]

  • Carry weight decrease (20 + 5 * STR)
  • HP lowered (95 + (5 * END) + (5 * level))
  • Food and Drink scarce. Many changes: irradiation increased, Food gives HP, booze can hydrate, ...
  • Almost no harvestable crops
  • Hardcore needs tickers up: FOD +1/6s, H20 +1/5s, SLP +1/10s (1 hour nap = SLP -150)
  • Timescale change to 15

See Fallout: DUST Hardcore Mode, SPECIAL, Ingestibles and Ingestibles Category for more.

Player and NPC damage[]

  • Player/NPC Torso damage is multiplied by 5, legs are multiplied by 2,5, arms are multiplied by 3x, head is multiplied by 10x (Verified on GECK)
  • Damage to Ghouls is multiplied by 0.01, with damage to their heads being multiplied by 30
  • Dogs torso damage multiplied by 5, head multiplied by 10, limbs by 2
  • Nightstalkers torso damage multiplied by 4, limbs and head multiplied by 2
  • Spore Carriers torso damage multiplied by 2, head multiplied by 4
  • Tunneler head damage is multiplied by 4, torso is multiplied by 2
  • Leg damage from falling tripled


  • Almost all quest triggers in the game were removed with exception of the Escape The Mojave quest
  • Remaining quests can be considered to be an oversight, and will have no influence on the new main quest


  • Weapon wear rate increase (0.2 to 0.5)
  • Spread is a function of condition now, Skill has a much bigger influence on spread
  • Almost all weapons from Fallout: New Vegas available (some renamed)
  • Some have changed spread, health, weight, damage and STR
  • Skill requirements adjusted
  • New weapons added, some craftable
  • Lootable weapon modifications

See Fallout: DUST Weapons of DUST and the Weapon Category for more.


  • Scarce, junk rounds predominant (generally +50% wear, -25% damage). Hint: Always loot guns from opponents for the ammo in the leftover magazine.
  • Some new craftable ammo

See Fallout: DUST Tips and Tricks and Crafting for more.


  • Damage to Armor % increase (35% to 70%)
  • Almost all armor from Fallout: New Vegas available (some renamed)
  • Changes to health, weight, DT and effects of armor
  • New armor added
  • No Power Armor training available

See Apparel of DUST and the Apparel Category for more.

Vendors and other NPCs[]

  • DUST Vastly reduces the number of vendors, and those left are non-essential, do not respawn and do not regenerate health.
  • Almost all friendly NPCs were removed, turned hostile or changed beyond recognition

See People known to reside in the Mojave wasteland, 2281-2301.

Visual changes[]

Divide climate in the Wastelands

Divide climate in the Wastelands

Zions new green cover at night

Zions new green cover at night

Climate and weather have been changed.

  • Climate of the Wastelands was changed to the red/orange Divide climate
  • Zion is now largely covered in greenish fog
  • Nights can be pitch black