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This article contains a list of helpful mods that work well or were made for Fallout: DUST. As noted in Getting Started, mods are mostly a matter of taste, even if they do fix the occasional bug.

Gameplay mechanics[]

Mods in this section modify the gameplay mechanics of DUST.

Mod Description
DUST fast travel Reenables fast travel in DUST
DUST Tweaks - Better Repair and More Does take care of a multitude of inconsistent changes DUST applies to the base game, which include repair lists, but also spelling fixes, adding missing Pip-Boy icons, modifying or adding sounds, changing the skill class of weapons, fixing Perks, changing loot on certain creatures and a lot more.
DUST - Be Gone Tunnelers Removes all Tunnelers and Spore Carriers from the game, but needs testing and verification.
DUST Pre-Order Fixer Distributes weapons and gear of the pre-order add-ons throughout the wastes, instead of them being handed to the player on game start.
DUST - Reasonable needs Decreases the speed the H2O/FOD/SLP tickers increase in DUSTs Hardcore Mode.
DUST - Repair with scrap Adds scrap to the DUST weapon repair lists, so you now can use scrap to repair DUSTs weapons.
Fallout DUST Cure all Effects of Insanity Cures all effects of Insanity.
Fallout DUST GRA Ammo Fix Fixes problem where you couldn't use certain GRA ammunitions.
Fallout DUST Makeshift Mastery Make Makeshift (and other) weapons great again in DUST.
Fallout DUST Tunneler Detection Fix Prevents sneaking from actually increasing the chance of being deteced by Tunnelers.
Homemade Multiblast Grenade for Dust This mod adds a recipe to create the, up until now only lootable, homemade multiblast grenade.
Missing Ammo Recipes Some types of ballistic ammunition can neither be crafted nor broken down in vanilla. This mod introduces new breakdown and crafting recipes for a variety of ballistic ammunition, and integrates well with DUST. Using the new recipes requires the Hand Loader perk.
Ratslayer buff If you like the Ratslayer, but don't like how it starts to lack punch at higher levels, try this mod. Apart from increasing the rifles damage, the mod will lower its Guns skill requirement from 100 back to the vanilla value of 0 again.
Select Fire 2 The mod allows weapons to have select fire. Allows for semi, burst or automatic modes. Especially useful considering the scarcity of ammunition in DUST.
UPDATED Walks with Tunnelers - For DUST Trait with steep stat penalties, but makes Tunnelers friendly.
Weightless Ammo In Hardcore Mode Makes all ammo in Hardcode Mode weightless. This mod introduces a lot of quite possibly irritating or unwanted side effects, since apart from reducing ammo weight to zero, it also resets all changes DUST introduces to munitions back to their vanilla values. Notable examples are the number of rounds found per drop (increase), pricing (decrease and increase), and return of recyclable material for used ammunition (for example no Drained Flamer Fuel Tanks for Flamer Fuel,Homemade). Use with care.
YDL-S - Regain your compass ticks. Fallout DUST and Vanilla Perk and recipe for getting NPC compass ticks back temporarily. For DUST and vanilla.

Player homes[]

Mods in this section provide player homes, varying in size and comfort.

Mod Description
DUST Player Home Mod Also works with the base game, but was specifically designed for DUST.
Oblivion Outpost - A DUST themed home Adds a player home in Quarry Junction, comes in different versions varying in comfort provided.
Understone plus (DUST settlement) Puts the rumored Understone Settlement into DUST, including a player home inside of it.


Mods in this section modify graphics or animations.

Mod Description
DUST - Credit Where Credit is Due Updated end game Credits for Fallout: DUST, played upon dying or from the title menu
Dust Survival Simulator - Vault 19 Fix This fixes some graphical errors in Vault 19 when using Dust.
Fallout DUST Flora Restora Brings thousands of plants back to life in DUST (regrowing and pickable)
Fallout DUST Huge Backpack replacer Replaces the visual appearance of the Huge Backpack with that of the Large Backpack.


Mods in this section provide for companions.

Mod Description
Courier Companion for DUST Survival Simulator Changes The Courier from DUST Survival Simulator from a hostile fellow into a friendly companion, complete with chip on his shoulders!
DUST Courier Companion Overhaul An overhaul to the Courier companion mod for DUST Survival Simulator


Mods in this section provide for auxiliary functionality.

Mod Description
Container Respawns Warning Adds a warning in the subtitle bar in containers that are unsafe to store items (respawn flag is set)