"To Royst, Bernard, and the Rest of You Psychopaths,
If you don't shut this shit down right now, I swear I'll uncover all of you. You may have forgotten, but I've got copies of every key in this place. I so much as open the right door, and the whole Strip will know about your little "experiments". This is your last chance. Pack up and move outta here, or I'll pull the plug myself.
-Martin Botwright, Head Custodian, Vault 21 Labs" -An Ultimatum

Martin Botwright
Martin's "Severance Package"
Vital statistics
Position Head Custodian, Vault 21 Labs
Age Unknown
Status Turned into Mojave Ghost, Deceased
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Martin Botwright is the former head custodian of the Vault 21 labs

Background Edit

Botwright was the head of the custodial staff at Vault 21 labs during its use by Edwin Royst and Lydia Bernard. Following Royst agreement to conduct research into bio-chemical weapons for the increasingly expansionist NCR, his research notes were discovered by Botwright who became immediately disgruntled and threatened to release insane test subjects into the lab, revealing what had transpired to the people of New Vegas. Desperate to protect his pet project of studying radiation treatments, Royst arranged for Botwright to be abducted by other members of the research team and experimented on himself, resulting in him becoming one of the first Mojave Ghost People. However, Botwright had already made good on his threat, releasing insane test subjects into the facility and ultimately resulting in a member of the research staff using improvised explosives to seal off the rear area of the Vault. In the aftermath, the NCR filled the main entrance to Vault 21 with radioactive waste to prevent the events which had transpired there from being revealed to the general public.

In DUST Edit

Botwright's body, clad in a darklight hazmat suit characteristic of Mojave Ghost People can be found in the rear area of Vault 21, located near the access point from the Tops. He is in possession of a reply to the note above, providing strong if not definitive evidence that this is in fact Martin Botwright.