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Fallout: Dust Wikia

A rather unorganized list of known, unexpected behaviours of Fallout: DUST, preferably with hints to solutions or at least workarounds.

While this page focuses on what might be called "bug fixing", the Mods for DUST page keeps a more extensive list of mods for various purposes.

Note: On this page, a Solution is characterized by providing an in-game resolution using available, unmodified game mechanics, while Workarounds require the use of third party tools, the console or other means to influence behaviour from outside of normal gameplay.

DUST Tweaks - Better Repair and More[]

Bug Description[]

Despite being a well-matured mod, DUST still contains quite a few inconsistencies. Some of these inconsistencies might be perceived as bugs, and some of them might be intended part of the gameplay.


The DUST Tweaks - Better Repair and More mod available on the Nexus does take care of a multitude of inconsistent changes DUST applies to the base game, which include repair lists, but also spelling fixes, adding missing Pip Boy icons, modifying or adding sounds, changing the skill class of weapons, fixing perks, changing loot on certain creatures, and a lot more.

The author keeps an extensive log of tweaks and fixes applied on the Nexus.

Hand Loader perk: Some crafted ammo not usable in DUST 2.0[]

Bug description[]

Some munitions crafted by the Hand Loader perk will not be usable in any of the weapons.

This is a result of DUST overwriting some of the ammunition lists used for determining usable ammo for weapons introduced by the Gun Runners' Arsenal, without adding some of the GRA rounds back in.

The effect is not limited to Hand Loader craftable ammunition, and does affect other ammunition introduced by the GRA add-on as well.

Whether or not this is intended behaviour is not known.

Affected GRA Hand Load ammunition:

  • 20 Gauge. 3/0 Buck Mag. (Hand Loader) (GRA)
  • 12 Gauge, 4/0 Buck Mag. (Hand Loader) (GRA)
  • 9mm, JHP (Hand Load) (GRA)
  • 5.56mm, Match (Hand Load) (GRA)
  • 5mm, JSP (Hand Load) (GRA)
  • 12.7mm Round (Hand Load) (GRA)

Affected GRA non-Hand Load ammunition:

  • 20 Gauge, Pulse Slug (GRA)
  • 20 Gauge, 3/0 Buck (GRA)
  • 12 Gauge, Pulse Slug (GRA)
  • 12 Gauge, Flechete (GRA)
  • 12 Gauge, Dragon's Breath (GRA)
  • 12 Gauge, 4/0 Buck (GRA)

Workaround A[]

The Fallout DUST GRA Ammo Fix available on the Nexus provides a mod for fixing the issue. Note the Known Issues section of its description on the Nexus.

Workaround B[]

Use FNVEdit to add the missing GRA entries to DUST's ammunition formlists by dragging them from the GunRunnersArsenal.esm to the DustSurvivalSimulator.esp.

  1. Back up your game folder and your save games
  2. Using FNVEdit, locate the FormID List in DustSurvivalSimulator.esp. FNVEdit will automatically mark the lists with conflicting entries in rose (or whatever that colour is called ...).
    DUSTFVNEditHandLoad 001.jpg
  3. Select one of the lists with conflicting entries. The example screenshots use the contents of the AmmoList9mm.
    DUSTFVNEditHandLoad 003.jpg
  4. FNVEdit will mark missing entries in red. Drag the red entry or entries you want to be available in game again to the free cell in the adjacent DustSurvivalSimulator.esp column. You will need to confirm a warning in doing so.
    DUSTFVNEditHandLoad 003-0.jpg
  5. Close FNVEdit, saving the changed DustSurvivalSimulator.esp
    DUSTFVNEditHandLoad 004.jpg

See this Reddit r/fodust thread for more information.

Workaround C[]

The fix detailed above in Workaround B is included in the changes made by DUST Tweaks - Better Repair and More.

Sneaking can increase chance of detection by Tunnelers[]

Bug description[]

Sneaking can actually increase the chances of being detected by Tunnelers.

Whether or not this is intended behaviour is not known.


The Fallout DUST Tunneler Detection Fix mod available on the Nexus provides a fix for this behaviour.

Ghost People can not be killed[]

Bug description[]

Ghost People can only be knocked unconscious, but not be killed. Dismembering them seems to be impossible.

This is not a bug.


Acquire the Ghost Hunter perk.

Insanity perk stays despite increased sanity[]

Bug description[]

Despite raising the sanity level of The Survivor above Insane, the Insanity and Wild Wasteland perks are not removed, making the penalties connected to the Insanity perk irreversible.

This is not a bug. Survivors should suffer the consequences of their wrong-doings.


The Fallout DUST Cure all Effects of Insanity mod available on the Nexus provides a fix for this behaviour by introducing a new, craftable healing item. Note the effects listed, which are not limited to removing the Insanity and Wild Wasteland perks.

Graphical glitches in Vault 19[]

Bug description[]

Vault 19 exposes graphical glitches in certain areas, with textures sometimes disappearing or walls suddenly being transparent.

Workaround A[]

Install the Dust Survival Simulator - Vault 19 Fix mod available on the Nexus.

Workaround B[]

Install the more broad DUST Tweaks - Better Repair and More mod, which includes the fix mentioned above.

Perks with no or unexpected effects/unselectable perks[]

Bug description[]

Some perks seem to not yield the expected results, or can not be selected during level up. Please refer to the perks page for more detailed information about perks.

Partial Workaround[]

Most perks listed as being bugged or broken on the perks page can be fixed via installing DUST Tweaks - Better Repair and More. Its changelog section lists which perks it affects, in cases where the potential fixes are not listed on the perk's article.

Increased survival meters after reloading a save[]

Bug description[]

After reloading a savegame, survival meters suddenly show vastly increased values. This is a known bug in Fallout: New Vegas.


Toggle Hardcore Mode off and on again.

Entering Kai-sar's Hill crashes the game[]

Bug description[]

Upon trying to enter Kai-sar's Hill the game crashes. This happens, because some remaining Vanilla game scripts get triggered when entering Kai-Sar's Hill, with these scripts then crashing the game.


Installing the NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash NVSE plugin available on the Nexus remedies the situation, and lets you access the fort.

If using NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix as well, then edit this line in the mod's .ini file and change it from the original value of 1 to the recommended value of 0:


Talking skeletons in Zion[]

Bug description[]

The walking talking dead

Some skeletons in Zion National Park seem to not only be able to quite happily move around, but also will engage in conversation, albeit very short ones

No workaround or solution is known.