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Jim Harding is a character in Fallout: DUST.


"Lucky" Jim Harding is a former rebel leader currently residing in the Mojave.

During the Freeside Rebellion, he was stationed in the Sewers, but was able to make his way out of the New Vegas limits together with Pacer and a number of other rebels towards Jacobtstown, still supporting the remaining rebels by delivering messages and supplies.

This group survived for 13 years, until tensions arose between Pacer and Marcus. Eventually, Pacer's group mutinied, resulting in the deaths of Marcus, Pacer, and many of the rebels.

Jim sent word to the survivors of the fight to regroup at a shack on Lake Mead before heading to the outskirts of Searchlight.

Lucky Jim can be found where the Lonesome Drifter's camp is in vanilla, although he is marked as a generic "Survivor".

Connected Events[]


  • Jim Harding carries one of the available copies of Lucky