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Insanity is a status condition in Fallout: DUST. Insanity is caused by indiscriminate killing, cannibalism, use of hard drugs, addiction and general trauma, resulting in loss of Sanity.

Character and SPECIAL effects[]

An insane character suffers -3 to their Charisma and Intelligence stats due to gaining the Insane perk, affecting all derived abilities.

In addition to the Insane perk, the Wild Wasteland Perk is gained.


Once turned Insane, a Survivor will permanently suffer from the reduction to their statistics and continue experiencing hallucinations, even if raising their level of Sanity again.

See Sanity for more information.

Perks available to Insane Survivors[]

A character suffering from insanity gains access to several unique perks. These perks will only be in effect as long as the character is insane. Note, that there are more perks connected in different ways to Sanity.

Perk Effect
King Arthur You recieve a 25% increase in melee damage dealt.
Communistic Wisdom Buy prices from NPCS are increased by 1000%, but you gain an additional 10% bonus to all experience gained.
The Scurrier Your run speed is increased by 50%, but your limbs are 50% more vulnerable to being crippled.


A character suffering from insanity is prone to intense hallucinations, some of which induce a fugue state (see below)


  • Shadowy Spirits appear on various rooftops throughout the south end of Freeside. Shooting them causes them to explode.
  • Entering the cloud-filled alley near Mick and Ralph's causes an oversized super mutant to charge the player, exploding on impact.
  • Upon passing the entrance to the King's school of impersonation, a massive centaur will emerge from the alley immediately in front of the Strip gate. This too will explode when attacked.
  • Shadowclaws will appear close to the Freeside Gates.
  • The Survivor will experience visual distortions at various locations, for example close to the Old Mormon Fort.
  • DUST will enable an easter egg to be found in the vicinity of the former location of Mick & Ralph's crier.

Ghost Town[]

  • As the player approaches the cart near the saloon, they will be attacked by quadrupedal creatures. Upon attacking or being attacked by the player, they will explode causing a fugue.
  • A player entering Victor's shack will encounter a Securitron resembling Victor with a distorted face speaking in static gibberish. The Securitron will explode when shot.
  • A player entering the general store will be attacked by a mostly skeletonized plague victim. This too will explode when shot/attacked.
  • Fake mines can appear in what was formerly Doc Mitchel's and in the house north of the General Store. These mines cannot be disarmed.


  • The road leading to Jacobstown is occupied by Shadowclaws who will attack on sight. Attacking or being attacked by these creatures will cause a fugue state.
  • A number of Shifting Shadows appears in one of the bungalows
  • Two Spirits appear in one of the bungalows

Pine Creek Tunnel[]

The Devil's Gullet[]

  • DUST will enable an easter egg to be found in the Devil's Gullet.

The Long Dark[]

  • Fake Wendigos appear, with their cries echoing through the complex.
  • Glowing incarnations of Isotope 235 appear.

The Sewers[]

  • Spirits appear at various points throughout the sewers.
  • The body of a deceased child appears on a staircase.
  • Shadowclaws can be found in the cages near the monument.

Fugue States[]

Begin Again

Upon entering a fugue state, the player will be transported to Nightmare, without losing any of their inventory or being penalized otherwise .

The bodies of the survivors who initially attacked the player will be replaced with those of two child NPCs named "Hope" and "Peace" respectively. Both carry the note "Nursery rhymes for the unsound of mind" which reads:

(Name) is a murderer

(Name) is a thief

(Name) eats flesh and pretends it's beef

Throughout the fugue safehouse, there are several doors encompassing the upper two floors which will take the player to various places throughout the Mojave.

Most of these will take the player to various survivor shacks at throughout the map while at least one will take the player to a slot canyon inside Hoover Canyon.

A final horizontal door on the top floor will take the player to the lowest floor of the New Vegas sewers. Upon using this door, it can be seen on the Pipboy map marked as "Nightmare" but cannot be accessed through conventional means.