"Recently we caught a Smoothskin NCR Trooper. This was our first since the Fall of Vegas. We brought him through the Great Hall to teach him what happens to NCR Scum. He seemed shocked by the decor of the place. He asked us, "Why do you strew your hall with corpses and bones?" "Why do you hang the heads of your foes upon chains?" I told him, "Death is not to be feared. It is to be embraced. For everything dies, and the pain of death is nothing to the pain of living."

To fully illustrate my point, we flayed him living."

—Captive Notes

The Gomorrah is a ruined Casino on the New Vegas Strip.

In Fallout: New Vegas Edit

Prior to the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Gomorrah was operated, on behalf of Robert House, by an organization known as the Omertas, a tribal pastiche of pre-war American mafia gangs. In keeping with this aesthetic, the Omertas served the strip as it's vice kings, offering chems and prostitutes to wide-eyed travelers from the New California Republic. After the defeat of Caesars Legion at the Dam, and in view of several seditious conspiracies entered into by the Omerta leadership against the NCR and House alike, the conquering NCR deposed the organization, as well as those of the Tops and Ultra-Luxe and presumably took the casino properties under eminent domain.

In Dust Edit

The Gomorrah served as the refuge for numerous Strip survivors who had become Cloud Victims during the Fall. These survivors managed to hold out and even form a small society led by a group called the Council. However, with food scarce, they quickly turned to Cannibalism, preying on other survivors in the Embassy, LVB station, and Michael Angelo's by taking advantage of the Cloud to ambush victims. The NCR expedition from Camp Golf also fell prey to them, being forced to retreat back to the Old Mormon Fort. In retaliation, the Gomorrans hung displayed their mutilated corpses in the Lobby and sent their heads to Camp McCarran at the Council's orders, apparently believing the garrison there was still alive.

The Gomorrans, despite seemingly retaining their faculties and some semblence of organization, are hostile to the Player on sight. The Gomorrah is occupied by dozens of Cloud Victims, primarily armed with makeshift melee and ranged weapons.

Trivia Edit

One of the Cloud Victims in the Gomorrah may be Big Sal, as his password is unchanged from New Vegas, and his Terminal is used as a Private Council resource. This is incongruous with the Courier's implied Independent Vegas path, as Big Sal likely would have been killed by him.