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Jesus, there's not even enough of us left to properly wrap the corpses. [...]
—Wrap the Bodies!

Ghost Town, formerly known as Goodsprings, is a nearly abandoned settlement located northwest of Primm, off the Long-15.

In Dust[]

Sometime after the The Fall, Goodsprings fell victim to an unknown plague, possibly linked to The Cloud. This plague was a fast-acting disease that ate away its victim's flesh similarly to ghoulification.

Almost all residents of the town eventually died, despite the efforts of the few survivors led by Trudy to contain the plague by wrapping bodies and unceremoniously disposing of them. A single survivor, scarred and driven insane by the plague, remains.

Goodsprings is virtually abandoned except for packs of wild dogs feeding off the rotting corpses.

Areas of Interest[]

  • Outside the Prospector Saloon and General Store can be found a cart with numerous wrapped bodies as well as a note.
  • Inside the Prospector Saloon are two dead settlers, all liquor is still available.
  • Another three, a family, can be found in the Store's back room, with the store containing a Silenced .22 Pistol.
  • Most of Doc Mitchell's medical supplies are gone, having been used to fight the plague, but some can still be found. Additionally Doc Mitchel's house contains a Hot Plate. There are also a few stimpaks around the house(one in the toilet for some reason), along with a chemistry kit where you can craft either 5 stimpaks or a drug if the player's science skill is over 25. Next to the chemistry kit, There is a Blood pack, a radaway, and a Morphine. This can allow the player to walk out Doc Mitchell's house with about 9 stimpaks, one radaway and a Morphine in addition to other meds in the two first aid kits in the house.
  • The Goodsprings School and its contents remain largely untouched, but it has been infested by several giant ant workers, potentially providing for food, albeit at low quality.
  • As there are lots of wild dogs dropping 1~3 pieces of dog meat, this can be a good place to get a substantial amount of food early in the game. Finding a campfire and cooking the dog meat can alleviate the side effect of -2 to strength for a period.
  • In the Goodsprings graveyard, there is a full-durability shovel.


Ghost Town hosts three unique encounters for Insane characters.

  • Upon approaching the corpse cart in the center of town, The Survivor will be attacked by hallucinatory plague victims crawling on all fours, which will explode in a mini nuke blast if they get near the player, causing a fugue state
  • Upon entering Victor's Shack, an Insane character will encounter a hallucination of Victor speaking in mad gibberish.
  • Upon entering the general store, an Insane character will be attacked by a child plague victim with a skeletal body.


  • While not warranted by direct references, it may be speculated, that the plague leading to the demise of Goodsprings, turning it into Ghost Town might be related to, or in fact was an outbreak of the New Plague unrelated to the Cloud.
  • In lore, it is possible that the wild dogs in the town are descendants of Cheyenne, while it also likely, that DUST simply turns the former inhabitants into dogs for reasons of gameplay

Who's the fish-stick now?

  • A non-hostile dog seems to represent Victor, as it is can be seen wandering around the Mojave, showing up in many places Victor would in the base game, trying to give advise.