"Jesus, there's not even enough of us left to properly wrap the corpses. Trudy says to screw it and just throw the bodies in the cart anyways, but if we don't wrap 'em flies'll come and the damn thing'll just spread even more." —Wrap the Bodies!
The Ghost Town, formerly known as Goodsprings, is a nearly abandoned settlement located northwest of Primm, off the Long-15.

Ghost Town
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Ain't that a kick in the head?
Vital statistics
Type Abandoned Town
Level 1: Low Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Plague Victims, Wild Dogs

In Dust Edit

Sometime after the Great Dust Storm of 2287, Goodsprings fell victim to an unknown plague, possibly linked to the cloud spreading over the Mojave. This plague was a fast-acting disease that ate away its victim's flesh similarly to ghoulification. Almost all residents of the town eventually died, despite the efforts of the few survivors led by Trudy to contain the plague by wrapping bodies and unceremoniously disposing of them. A single survivor, scarred and driven insane by the plague, remains.

Goodsprings is virtually abandoned except for packs of wild dogs feeding off the rotting corpses. Outside the Prospector Saloon and General Store can be found a cart with numerous wrapped bodies as well as a note. Inside the Prospector Saloon are two dead settlers. Another three, a family, can be found in the Store's back room. Inside Doc Mitchell's house is a hostile plague victim. Most of the Doctor's medical supplies are gone, having been used to fight the plague.

It is possible that the wild dogs in the town are descendants of Cheyenne.

The Goodsprings School has been infested by several giant ant workers.

Insanity Edit

Goodsprings hosts three unique encounters for Insane characters. Upon approaching the corpse cart in the center of town, the Wanderer will be attacked by hallucinatory plague victims crawling on all fours, which will explode in a mini nuke blast if they get near the player. Upon one exploding the player will awaken in a mazelike, non-euclidean version of the starting Safehouse, with Vera Keyes' "Begin Again" playing from the radio. Opening any of the many doors will cause the character to wake up in a random location in the Mojave. This sequence also occurs when hit by a Shadowclaw.

Upon entering Victor's Shack, an Insane character will encounter a hallucination of Victor speaking in mad gibberish.

Upon entering the general store, an Insane character will be attacked by a child plague victim with a skeletal body.