The Dust Walkers are the most powerful of the five allied tribes of the Divide. The Dust Walkers trace their origins back to the events of the New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road in 2281. After Ulysses and the Courier fought beneath the flag of the Old World, the Marked Men found themselves lost without a leader, as the Courier had killed their various tribal chieftains. Most of them were violent and ready to band into raider tribes. However, one Marked Man, Junaid, stepped forward and rallied them under his leadership, preaching forgiveness and peace. Under his rule, the Marked Men became a pacifist society, slowly learning the art of survival in the desert. 

Unfortunately, they were not alone in the Wasteland. The White Legs, after fleeing through the Pine Creek Tunnel and massacring the population of Vault 74, emerged through the Tunnel and burnt down the Dust Walker's village. By some stroke of luck, the Dust Walkers emerged victorious, although seriously weakened.  Time went on, and the Dust Walkers began to regain their former strength. They managed to somehow tame the Deathclaws of the Divide and eradicated the Tunneler threat in the region. They continued to preach compassion and forgiveness, and, as the Mojave began to fall into disarray, they cared for refugees and survivors who entered the Divide. Many of these survivors joined the Dust Walkers and now make up the majority of the tribe's non-Marked Man population.

But, once again, violence came from the Tunnel. The Dead Horses and remnants of the Sorrows, fleeing the infested Zion Canyon, stumbled upon the Dust Walker's village through the Long Dark. Reports vary on who fired the first shot, but either way, the Dust Walker's village was destroyed a second time, and the Dead Horses were completely wiped out. From this point onward, the Dust Walkers vowed to never trust anything that came out of the tunnel. Despite this paranoia, the Dust Walkers remain on friendly terms with other Survivor communities, and lead the Alliance of Five Tribes in the Divide.

Gameplay Edit

The Dust Walkers, like other Divide tribals, are significantly more dangerous than the Mojave's tribals. Wearing sand-resistant clothing and usually armed with their trademark Dust Muskets, they prefer long-range ambushes and are often supported by trained Deathclaws. The Dust Walkers will become hostile if their territory is entered, often attacking a Survivor on sight.