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The Crafting Kit is an aid item in Fallout: DUST.


With the need to be as self-sustained as possible, the Crafting Kit easily is the most important companion for supporting Survivors in the Mojave and elsewhere.

The Crafting Kit, weighing only 1.0 lb., provides a portable Workbench that can be used anywhere, at any time.

While not allowing the full range of craftable recipes to be used, it will, as described in detail in the Crafting article, allow for crafting many essential items These include ammunition, food, aid items, and even weapons, as well as the ability to break down various items into their respective components.

When combined with a Hot Plate, the Crafting Kit will allow for creating higher-value food like Dog and Tunneler Steaks, without the need for a Campfire.

Each starting location contains a Crafting Kit, and it is highly recommended to not ignore it.


  • In contrast to Campfires, Workbenches and other crafting stations, the Crafting Kit can be used while in combat.
  • Due to a bug, attempting to use the Crafting Kit via hotkey will cause the game to crash to desktop.