"Jesus, these people are psychos. I don't know what they want, but they've had us locked in this cage since they took the Outpost. There were four of us in here, but now it's just us. They told us the other prisoners had been "released", but I don't trust 'em. I sure as hell am not going down without a fight. Next time they open that cage door, I'm making a break for it." -Log
The Cannibal Camp (formerly the Mojave Outpost) is a cannibal fortress located in the Mojave Wasteland in 2301.

Cannibal Camp
"It's like a brahmin drive gone wrong. Supposed to be a gate north, but you come here, you get caught in the pen. Better to head back home"
Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Settlement
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cannibals, Human Cattle, Cass

Background Edit

The Mojave Outpost was a supply checkpoint between NCR territory and the Mojave wasteland. Built on the site where the Ranger Unification Treaty of 2271 was signed (a fact commemorated by the scrap iron monument located there) the outpost principally served as a staging area for caravans coming to and from the Mojave. With the destruction of the Long 15, the Mojave outpost fell into disuse, ultimately becoming little more than a squatting area for those too destitute to leave the wasteland. At some point immediately prior to the events of DUST, the outpost was overrun by cannibals who either killed or captured the survivors remaining there.

Overview Edit

Located in a highly defensible position, the Cannibal camp is aggressively guarded by its cannibal inhabitants, with melee armed cannibals and hunting dogs on the ground being covered by snipers inside the outpost compound. To compound matters, the cannibals inside the outposts two buildings appear to have availed themselves of the former NCR garrisons weapons, making them quite well armed by cannibal standards.

Areas of Interest Edit

The bar to the north of the outpost compound is still largely intact and contains a substantial stock of alcoholic beverages.

The body of Rose of Sharon Cassidy can be found inside the administration building, having just recently been murdered by the cannibals for their cannibalistic needs.

With 75 Lockpicking, one can break through hard lock on the gate and visit destroyed Long 15. It's a very dangerous area, with deadly radiation and dozens of ghouls who detect player immediately as he enters the area. They can't use the gate to enter Mojave.

Notes Edit

A hunter located near Nipton carries a note wherein he speaks derisively about the cannibals camped out at the Mojave outpost.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Due to the heavy defenses of the camp, a good idea is to take advantage of the multitude of cars and blow them up. This will severely cripple their front defenses allowing access to the base. This is almost a necessity for lower geared survivors as there is only one way in and it is guarded with some of the most well armed cannibals in the Mojave, not to mention the guard dogs.