Arbitrary4711 Arbitrary4711 28 May 2020

We passed the 200 page mark

Hi there.

In case you missed it, we passed the 200 page mark, with only one page marked as candidate for deletion. We've now come a long way, and I am continously surprised at the popularity of a fan made wiki for a 5 year old mod for a 10 year old game. Especially, since the mod turns the game from a more casual experience into a hardcore survival simulator.

I am also (still) surprised at the amount of contributions we get -- ranging from correcting typsos, grammar mistakes and factual errors up to and including turning skeleton articles into an entertaining and informative read, or even coming up with entirely new articles. Great to see, that people care :)

In other news, I've (besides quite a few other things) created a new infobox for Was…

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Arbitrary4711 Arbitrary4711 4 December 2019

Theme and other updates

Hi there.

I've given our wiki a new coating, hopefuly not to obtrusive. I've fixed up all infobox templates (minus the one on the NCR page), changed the colour scheme, did a bit of housekeeping to rid us of technical debt, added a background image and an image in the top right side of the header bar in addition to changing the top navigation bar.

If you're still seeing the previous blue / white version of the Wiki, you'll probably need to refresh your browser cache. Holding the shift key, then pressing the reload button should do the trick for most browsers.

Happy editing, and keep 'em coming :)

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Arbitrary4711 Arbitrary4711 2 December 2019

Adoption request granted

Hi there.

The good folk of fandom were nice enough to grant my request for adoption of this Wiki -- thanks a ton to JoePlay for that :)

  • I've readded our original Founder JordanTheFrypan to the sysop and bureuacrat groups.
  • I've started to slighty modify the looks of the Wiki by adding a Wordmark (that small pic you see in the upper left corner of the header bar)
  • I've added more links to the WIKI CONTENT navigation menu

Other than that, I'll try my hand at some CSS, and all the other things I mentioned in the previous post.

Happy editing, and keep 'em coming !

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Arbitrary4711 Arbitrary4711 15 November 2019

Fallout: DUST Wiki adoption

Hi there.

Having been around for a while now, and seeing, that the Fallout:DUST Wiki still gets the odd content contribution from others, I'm a bit worried about the continued absence of our founder, JordanTheFrypan.

Since no other users are in the sysop / bureaucrat groups, we currently have no means to use functions requiring membership in these groups.

Therefor, I'd like to query the fandom support on adopting this Wiki in the end of this month (November 2019), unless JordanTheFrypan pops up, of course :)

Here's what I'd like to to, if my request for adoption is granted by fandom:

  • Re-add JordanTheFrypan to the sysop and bureaucrat groups, if removed during the adoption
  • Name at least one additional backup sysop/bureaucrat
  • Introduce custom CSS f…
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Brex94 Brex94 27 September 2015

Wiki Improvements

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to turn this wiki into something great. But I need your help with new articles, pictures, and designs for the site that will make this the best place for DUST lore hunters to visit. 

I'd also like to chat with any admins as well as the wikia's founder, if possible.


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