Black Mountain is a pre-war military installation in the Mojave wasteland. Originally a Radar installation, it was re-purposed first into a radio station and then into a research facility

Background Edit

As of 2281, Black Mountain was a totalitarian Super Mutant colony known as the State of Utobitha and a center for transmitting Pro-Nightkin propaganda. Sometime prior to the events of the fall, it was taken over by the NCR who used an experimental radiation cleanser developed by Royst and Bernard to melt all organic life off the face of the mountain. During the fall, the facility was abandoned and contaminated by residual radiation kicked up by dust storms from The Divide. This allowed for a small population of Super Mutants and Centaurs to recolonize the area though never to the extent they did during the reign of Tabitha. During the Royst-Bernard factions attempt to recover research data from the Mojave, the main facility was placed under NCR remnant control and research resumed under the leadership of Lydia Bernard.