"Despite it being only 15 years since the Fall, many Tribals have lost track of time, referring to it as legend." -Loading Screen

Bitter Springs
"Fire until you're out of ammunition"
Vital statistics
Type Tribal Village
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Tribals, Tribal Mongrels, Tunnelers
Bitter Springs Village is a village occupied by tribals in the Mojave Wasteland

Background Edit

Originally a Great Khan settlement, Bitter Springs was repurposed into an NCR refugee camp following a disastrous raid on the Great Khans there, during which unarmed children and the elderly were killed. After the NCR withdrawal from the Mojave, the camp was occupied by tribal remnants. It is unknown whether or not these tribals have any relation to the Great Khans who originally occupied the area.

Overview Edit

The village is occupied by lightly armed and armoured tribals backed up by tribal mongrels. The close composition of the tents makes engagement at range a difficult endeavor and plays to the strength of the melee equipped tribals. Additionally, the tribals occupying the former administration area atop the hill are armed with tomahawks and throwing spears which they can rain down on intruders with impunity.

Areas of Interest Edit

The Administration area contains some medical supplies as well as a few bottles of alcohol.

Notes Edit

Occasionally, a tunneler may spawn in the middle of the camp, usually killing a few tribals before being brought down.