"I was getting some strange signals on the radio the other day. On one frequency some psycho kept ranting about his "Bloodshrine" while on the other there was nothing but the sound of gushing water. I assumed it was just the Scavvers... until they knocked most of the signals offline yesterday with that absurd tower of theirs. It begs the question- If that wasn't the Scavvers... who was it?" -Strange Signals

Big MT
Vital statistics
Type Pre-war R&D Center
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Undisclosed location in the American Southwest
Inhabitants Brotherhood of Steel, Tech Scavvers, Lakelurks, Various abominations against nature
The Big Mountain Research and Development Center (colloquially known as Big Mountain or Big Empty) was a pre-war research facility for the development of experimental sciences. As of 2301, it has become the site of pitched battles between members of the Brotherhood of Steel and a group of Survivors known as tech scavvers. It is accessed by using C4 to destroy the rubble blocking the Nipton train tunnel.

Background Edit

Before the war, Big Mountain was home to the cream of the American scientific community, tasked by the Big Mountain Company and the United States government to develop new weapons and technologies to preserve the American way of life in perpetuity. However, the combination of overly ambitious scientists and an expansionist regime in Washington D.C resulted in Big MT's mandate becoming less and less ethical in terms of both methodology and desired outcomes. These include but are not limited to; human experimentation on unwilling political dissidents, reckless inter-species genetic tampering and the development and deployment of bio-chemical weapons. As of 2301, the Big MT compound is occupied by Brotherhood of Steel expeditionary forces after a unknown set of circumstances resulted in the crater being flooded.

Overview Edit

As of the events of DUST, all but the highest geographical points within Big mountain have been flooded due to the actions of an Automated Personality installed within a sink. Because of this, most of the research facilities located in the crater are inaccessible to survivors. The sections above ground are the site of an ongoing war between an unknown chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel and a group of raiders called Tech Scavvers, both of whom are heavily armed and hostile on sight.

Areas of Interest Edit

The tampered Transportalponder can be found in this area, usually carried by one of the tech scavvers occupying the Little Yangtze detention center. When activated, it will immediately transport the user to an area controlled by the legitimate government of the New California Republic and thus, safety. Alternatively, a copy of the device can also be found within the toaster's blood shrine.

Trivia Edit

Collecting any of the items related to the main quest of the Old World Blues DLC will cause Dr. Mobius to address the player and will result in a number of Lakelurks spawning nearby, replacing the Robo-scorpions from the original game. While it is unknown what fate has befallen the Think Tank as of 2301, this oversight could be attributed to the use of prerecorded messages set up by Mobius which has the unintended consequence of alerting the area's new aquatic residents.