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Palace of Aurelius
Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Settlement
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Southeast Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Aurelius of Phoenix, Butcher Pete, Cannibals

Aurelia is a cannibal camp located in the southeastern Mojave wasteland. Once the principal staging area for Legion raiding parties, it has since devolved into a unitary dictatorship under its former centurion Aurelius of Phoenix.

=== Aurelius of Phoenix === At some point after the fall, the camp's commander Aurelius of Phoenix lost his mind and declared Aurelia a sovereign nation under his leadership. Proclaiming himself king of Aurelia, Hoover canyon and the Holy Roman Empire, Aurelius continues to govern by issuing Legion-style proclamations, though the contents of these proclamations are wholly insane and arbitrary, providing harsh punishments for those who fail to recover mundane objects as tribute to the sovereign.

Hoover Canyon Edit

Aurelia is the principal point of ingress to Hoover Canyon and suffers periodic attacks from tunnelers and feral ghouls residing therein